Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Over Til Next Year

Body count- Close to 90!
Young kids- Cute as heck in their costumes!
Older kids- Behaved pretty good!
Horror movies on last night- sucked!
Airdale dog behavior- Pretty good, but spent more time shoved in bathroom than a person with the trots!
Hope you all had fun, and be sure to check out the candy specials today! Next stop- Thanksgiving! (Unless you're from Michigan- then it's Deer Camp!)


Lynda said...

My dog Nikki tried to jump the baby gate I put up for her. Next time I am locking her in the computer room with my husband or putting a leash on her, lol.

She had a blast though. Lots of petting and attention. And the kids liked the candy.

Kayla said...

Whoa! Over 90 is amazing!
I had around 60 myself.
Very much well behaved little candy mongers

Snowelf said...

It's Deer Camp here soon too!! :)

have a great weekend!!


Lynda said...

I can't comment on the chili post again today, but I sure hope you come back with stories!!!