Friday, May 26, 2006

My Invisibility Theory- - -

I believe that after your 50th birthday, we are granted a unique power-both a blessing and a curse! You become for all practical purposes, invisible. People do not hear you, or appear not to listen, with you having no impact whatsoever on the conversation. They do not notice when you enter a room, or for that matter when you leave one either. They speak of you in past tense, as in "I remember when whoseits did this", or"Whatsits said that".
However, it appears to be a temporary malady, as when you hit about 65, you become visible again! People start giving you the finger while driving 35mph in a 55mph zone. They start getting pissed at you in line at McDonalds' during rush hour when you want your coffee punch card updated. They start being nice to you 'cause you ain't going to live forever, and might leave something of value to them!
I'm still invisible yet, so like in every stage of life I've had, I'm going to try and keep learning!
Sit on a Happy Face!