Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Little Brightness In A Michigan Blizzard...

My wife (code name "Goob" or "Goobie"-actually Sharon!) won a door prize at one of the holidays' events we all have to go to. She comes home with a plant that resembled Audrey II in "Little Shop Of Horrors"- as a prize? My wife loves plants, but usually they don't love her back... I don't know who killed more, Jimmy Jones with Kool-Aid, or my wife with fertilizer and houseplants....
Anyway, Audrey II grew like it was on Blood, or Miracle-Grow! Next thing, It's blossoming into a really cool flower! To see a living thing doing so well in the wasteland we call "Michigan Winter" is amazing! It brightens a time where light is short, and the predominant colours are black, white, and gray...
In the the night, when all is quiet- you hear a voice you don't recognize.... Saying plaintively "Feeed me, feeed me! This thing is getting big, and I haven't seen the cat lately...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Work Goes On In Spite Of Worst Storm This Year...

I just returned from a Regional sales meeting, and I'm still shaking.. Got up today at 430AM to get ready for this meeting. The weather report said blizzard conditions, stay off the roads if possible. I quick checked my E-mails, hoping they had cancelled our meeting, which was being held 100 miles north of my house. Nope! We were car pooling, so I only had to drive about 10 miles to a commuter lot. My car doors were frozen shut, had to beat on one to get it open. The temp was 6F, winds about 30 mph-gusting higher! Drove to lot, missed driveway 2 twice- white out visibility.. The other 3 guys couldn't believe this either, but away we went! We never saw the high side of 45 mph., but we got there 3 hrs later-on time! Morning went as planned, but our President had to drive back after lunch- he's on the road 10 minutes, calls the meeting and tells everybody to go the hell home-safely... Trip back was icier than morning but at least it was light out! Days like this make me wonder why with our companys' technology we couldn't have done a teleconference, and sent a video around to show us the new facility...Driving 6 hours for a 4 hour meeting, Welcome to Michigan!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday dinner- Simple Stuff!

As it is winter, snow everywhere- we wanted something roasted, so the kitchen would be toasty for hours! Stuffed roast capon- a favorite! About a 6 pounder, stuffed with a brown rice,celery,bacon,onion concoction worked like mad. Sliced mushrooms rendered in the juice always works. Blueberry muffins were on the side.. Wife delivering that one plate to my son at work, we eat soon!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Grandkids, So A Post About Our Ugly Step Child..

I've posted before about our current Airedale, Clara- But came across a photo that probably only a mother could love. A product of ATRA (Airedale rescue) we were really impressed with her, even though she had a rap sheet as long as your arm. With a big bark, and an trim build even at 80lbs.(Big for Breed!) she is our smoke alarm and burglar alarm combined. Clara is now the biggest cookie with fangs you could ever meet- a sweetie who has to greet you when you get up, come home from work, or any other time you leave her for more than 15 minutes! A big dog underfoot all the time can cause you some annoyance- I've described her as like having someone throwing a saw horse in front of you-all day long! She's seven now, and this breed usually doesn't live as long as smaller dogs. Got a lady in the neighborhood that walks her TWO Airedales every day! I've met her- a humourless woman, who seems more on a mission than enjoying her dogs...No animal I know of has the bond with Humans like dogs.... But God, can they crap alot...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

1St Chili Cook Off Of The Year...

We found out about a chili cook-off a couple of weeks ago, and decided a tune-up before the big season would be a good idea. It was held at a V.F.W. Post in our neighborhood, so we got in it. Our friends and major competition Dragon Spit was there, so we knew there would be another battle for a trophy! 14 teams- not a big cook-off, but nice people and a decent turn-out. The Buffalo Bros.(us!) made a heck of a batch that day, and liked our chances for winning. Team Dragon Spit had a new banner, a photo book of all their successes, and a good batch of chili to boot! 2nd place goes to- The Buffalo Bros.!! Take a wild guess who won... We have become the dominant teams in this areas' chili cook-offs, and yesterday I noticed the teams that didn't win more than the ones that did. They worked as hard as we did, and got no trophy. They had fun, people had a great time- but have you ever felt bad about winning? Live and learn... Oh, the trophy was really nice- until I dropped it... The picture is what frozen, leftover chili looks like when left in a trunk in Michigan when it hits zero.... :)
P.S. Yes, DoggieBloggy I used some of that chili powder from New Mexico you sent- hot stuff!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Am Inventing The Mini-Meme!

I like memes- but some take more time than my two fingers typing is willing to spend! Here's your challenge:
1. Write something you like about yourself.
2. Write something you don't.
I will go first(dropping underwear, looking nervous and embarassed!)
1. I will never put myself before others' needs.
2. My Ethics are impeccable, my Morals need work.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Korean Style Beef Short Ribs...

I'll start by saying this- I love the flavor of these things! We were shopping for a few things at Sams'Club, and I can't go in there without hitting the meat department! They will carry some cuts of meat most places around here don't- like short ribs. The first time I had these in a Korean style was at a very good Korean restaurant( go figure!) The flavor was intense, the meat was fairly tender- and I knew I would definitely be fixing these at home!
Marinade- chopped green onions, rice vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, peanut oil, red pepper, honey, and five-spice. Left in marinade 24hrs, turned meat a few times.
The traditional cooking method would be to grill these over an intense charcoal fire, for a short period of time. I'm going to broil them instead- maybe 5 minutes a side. The brown rice, and sauteed mushrooms should go well with this! I may add a picture of the cooked product- if it looks good- and I remember to...
Two more pictures- one is the plate of food we deliver to my son (Craignutzz)nearly every Sunday while he has to work. Calls me and says "It's great to know what's going to be on the menu by reading your blog!". I don't if he'd have gotten it, after calling me a liar.... I didn't know he liked Kimchee, although I know he'll eat anything!
By the way, the ribs really were good- imagine kabob sized chunks of marinated beef, done about medium-rare, still sizzling- tender and full of flavor!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Global Warming In Michigan...

We went from neck-breaking ice slicks and a foot of snow to a really, ugly green-brown in about the span of 4 days.. I will take ugly green-brown any day you give it to me in Jan.!!! Butt-Ugly vs. Dangerous Roads.... Butt-Ugly wins! Jan.- Feb. in this State are long,cold, and gray.. It bums folks out, even equaling the mini-economic Depression going on in Michigan! Probably like Nordic or Canadian folk- we value friends, food, and warmth more than ever during these months! Big money is spent in December! Jan. and Feb.- not so much... Fight your winter blues, everyone! Hope all are well... Having posting problem with pictures- sorry!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Well, Here It Is! A Rare Sighting Of The Elusive Buffalo Dick And Mate..

I got a request from numerous people over my blog history to post a picture of myself. As I am not the most photogenic person on Earth, I resisted this! A request from DoggyBloggy, who holds a marker on me- made me decide to do this. Not much to see here folks, move along....

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Snowniece Meme I Said I'd Do...

Four Jobs I've Had:
1. Gardener- I scraped pond scum for money. Local car lot had a back pond, that would clog up with algae. I would throw a rake tied to a line out as far as possible and get the stuff off the water. 90 degrees, humid, you get the picture..
2. Rest Home Office Help- Great job! Did my homework while telling people where their loved ones were located. Got to hit on girls working in nursing center and kitchen!
3. Draftsman- Drew and designed technical products.
4. Metals for Tooling Sales Rep- Most of my career, spent in selling and suppling tool steels, alloys, steel plate, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, etc. to Manufacturing..
Four Places I've Lived:
1-4 Grand Rapids, Michigan, 5 different places, all in North-end!
Four Vacations:
1. Vegas- With and without kids. More fun without!
2. Key West- Kids- but I didn't know about the gays. I was looking for Jimmy Buffet.
3. Disney World- Kids.
4. Wisconsin Brewery Tour- We went to every obscure brewery there was, and collected beers. Later, we drank them...
Four Favorite Foods:
1. Chili dogs! Chili, cheese, mustard...
2. Pizza- Home-made, by me!
3. Wall-eye. Fresh-caught, battered with Drakes, beer, and Lawerys- fried!
4. Soup. About any kind, done well...
Four Places I'd Rather Be:
1. Retired!
2. Anywhere, off season.
3. Home.
4. Visiting People I'd Like To Meet!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Story-Telling, Jokes, And How We Communicate...(My Twice A Year Rant)...

A New Year provokes feelings- Hope, Anticipation, Fear, Apprehension, Etc (fill in the blank!). Since I started blogging, I have been able to polish my skills as a writer- hopefully keeping up with the people that also blog!
People are losing the ability to tell a good story, a good joke- in short, reading has become an inconvenience to a majority of the people on Planet Earth! Movies supplant reading a book. Music has become a packaged commodity, instead of an Art. The computer has become the Artist- the graphics that talent used to supply is now a common technical skill. What are we losing as humans, when we stop using what makes us humans? Most movies, books, and other forms of entertainment are about Emotions. Love, Hate, Redemption, Greed, Compassion, again etc.... Can you feel the difference between a "success formula" and a real written story? Check the movie listings in your area- How many are remakes of old movies (or books)? How many are computer generated cartoons with someone famous doing the voice? The average is about 5 out of 10.. That's B.S. people- with all the creative talent I've come in contact with blogging, that's B.S. ... I am impressed by the one thing in common with the bloggers on this post- You are intelligent! You have wit, a command of the language, knowledge on subjects I'm unfamilar with, and personality! Do not presume to tell me we are the only people not getting paid to be interesting and smart! Demand more of your entertainment! Hanna Montana? Britney Spears? All the athletes arrested or charged with crimes that would send you to the slammer for 20yrs?
Do not support these dipsh*ts! Walk out of bad movies! Laugh at morons trying to be funny on TV without a writng staff! Seek out your local entertainment stars- they might have more to offer than the canned crap the networks sell you. Pant-pant-pant- I'm winding down now, but please- The message today is don't value these media-hyped "Stars" above real talent. Look closer, and you will find it in your own back yard...
After all that, I'd better tell a joke or two , to show what I'm bitching about!
What does a "lady of the evening" say after sex?
"Jeez buddy, what took so long?"
What does a nympho say after sex?
"Are you done already?"
What does a wife say during sex?
"Beige... I think I'll paint the ceiling beige..."
Two rich trophy wives are talking at the Country Club....
"My dear! Have you met the new cosmetic surgeon that has moved into the neighborhood?" "Yes, why?" The one says " I was thinking of letting him do breast augmentation on me"... The other rich wife, not to be outdone says " Well I was thinking of having my a*shole bleached"... The first rich chick says " How do you think your husband will look as a Blonde?"
Thanks to all you put up with my rant!