Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Teleconferences:How Humans Should Not Communicate!

Yesterday, I got to "participate" in a teleconference. Definition of this is apparently; The most important person(the boss) talks and everyone else listens or agrees. A meeting without body language or observing the attendees reactions is worthless- a memo would have served the same purpose. We as a species have never had more tools to communicate with- and have never been worse at it. When was the last time you wrote anything in longhand, besides signing a note, or card? The handwriting 100 yrs ago was better than ours, mainly because it had to be! With our new technology, we may be losing something we might need again someday.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Skip Headline- Read Article!

Headlines have more to do in raising your blood pressure than anything the article could say. It's like the lure, with the hook attached-gotcha! I am as guilty as anyone who reads this for the scars in my upper lip from this! It's sad that great newspapers have learned this from the Enquirer, Star, and all the other tabloids. I long for a good, responsible news source who still has integrity, and knows there are still literate people who would appreciate it. The title of my blog says it all!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rudder Broke, Drifting With Current...

Have you ever noticed times in your life where purpose has fled the scene? Forward progress halts, like the engine with no fuel. Upcoming events become" have to" instead of "want to", and it's like all the energy has been sucked from your still living carcass. I have found at these moments you must:1. Quit your pointless whining, and focus on a positive action. 2. Start being grateful for base needs(air,water,food,shelter,etc.). 3. Try and think about any base reason why you are bummed. You will have bad days-try not to turn them into bad lives.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You Don't Have To Be Smart To Be In Charge

I have worked long enough to understand a couple of GREAT TRUTHS-- You will not always work for a person who has more gray matter upstairs than you do. The other GREAT TRUTH is that life isn't fair, and I hope you never thought it was. That being said, remember also "knowledge is power"!Merlin always was the power behind Arthurs' throne! As long as they need your knowledge, they probably will need you. I work for people who work far harder than they have to because it is their comfort zone. If they stood two feet back from the tree, the forest would appear. While you are reporting, you are not producing. While you are "meeting" you are producing. Once I saw a photo of two hippos mouth to mouth, lips touching(wide open!) Caption said "After all is said and done, there is alot more said than done".

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Humor-The Disease, The Cure.

Humor. Is it a problem in your life, or does it cure what ails you? I have always valued my sense of humor, but not everyone has shared my point of view on this. My employers do not think saying something clever is required at business meetings (Imagine a large fart during the church service- funnier than all get out, but nobody laughing!). My family tends to tell jokes at somber,not funny times as a way of relieving tension. It is our way, we cannot explain it either. Do you feel better after a good laugh, or worse? Do you feel more comfortable in formal situations after a little joke, or more ill at ease? Find out that life is about moments-and when told to each other as a funny story lightens the day for them as well as you!
In families, more often than not, it is the humorous tales that get retold again and again, and not the grim events that come upon all of us. Laugh today with a relative about a funny shared memory-you will not be sorry!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Just Flew In From Yahoo News Discuss, And Boy! Are My Arms Tired!

Yesterday, I threw a few comments into this news article discussion. Something happened I had never experienced; Intelligent comments ran off the bigots,idiots,cons AND libs! I think they got bored or confused by actual dialog. Encouraged by this, I tried again this morning. The world was back to normal, with people thinking a nuclear weapon is similar to a good enema, all problems solved by thinking alike on all issues. Religons,cultures,traditions-Heck! We told you how to live, why keep fighting it? I love Americas' diverse offerings, but as you drive, dine, shop, you must remember-zealots are to be avoided! One dimensional people are either scary or boring- both can kill you!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Oldest fan of South Park?

I'm still finding out a blog works, and in one of my explorations, found you could reference other sites by the profile info. In a quick check, it appears people my age or thereabouts don't either watch or (horrors!) like South Park! I happen to think having a wide ranging sense of humor makes for life enhancing moments. All of Matt&Treys' stuff isn't funny, but a heck alot of it is! Up to date lampooning of current events in a series is unusual to say the least-and they don't appear to fear taking on anyone! I have tried to explain this to some of my same-age friends, who listen politely-then roll their eyes when my back is turned. Joke telling is a lost art, thanks to the Internet. People who never could tell a joke, just e-mail lists of them to each other. Not the same! Losing our verbal story-telling heritage to technology! Tell someone a joke today, badly or otherwise. For old times' sake.