Friday, September 29, 2006

Disfunctional Birthdays

Saturday, I will be "celebrating" my birthday. As events surrounding us have made a 1 day, read the cards,blow out the candles, open your presents, birthday impossible-this is how it is going. Last night my son came over with a cake, his girlfriend would show up later. He hadn't eaten so I rustled up a meal for him. My wife can't stay, dog hair cut at 6pm, her hair cut at 7pm. Girlfriend shows up, had not eaten and was cranky. Made her dinner after already doing this once. UPS shows up with my present(they treated me best, and don't even know me!), which was cool. Friday I must go into work REALLY early to drop off treat for office, then P.U. sister and hubby and run them to the airport. Tonight, we have to do dinner and theater with customers (dressed up) and I do not like to dress up on Fridays! Saturday is a Wedding, with reception I must attend. I don't know these people, and right now don't want to. If it sounds like I'm whining I'm sorry. I don't care if anyone does anything FOR my birthday, I mind when they do things TO me on my birthday!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The 2 Day Getaway-Needed It!

Sometimes you just need a change of routine, a change of scenery. We decided to pack lightly and head up north. We hit a couple of Indian Casinos- the one in Petosky kicked our ass, so we headed down to Traverse City to visit another one. Glad we went, as something took place that I really never thought I'd witness- My wife actually hit a jackpot! With $1250 of their money we headed for a hunting lodge we and 10 other couples own joinly to stay overnight. It was quiet but last month the water heater decided to crap, leaving a mess and no hot water. This is a pretty nice place, but doesn't get used as much as it should, so things like this happen. Next day, we went east to another casino, held our own and left to go further east to Linwood. What is in Linwood? A cheese factory I've always wanted to see. I am an addict, probably with 10 kinds of cheese in the house at all times. Pinconning is a favorite, and was invented here in Mich. On a whim I asked how much a whole wheel would weigh, and how much it would cost. I bought a 20lb wheel of cheese! Came home cut it up, vacuumed packed it, and plan to constipate all my friends and relatives with gifts of cheese. People who know me have come to expect this kind of insane behavior, leaving them puzzled but not displeased!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We Met Blackie Dammett!!

Who the hell is Blackie Dammett you ask? I will start at the beginning of this chance encounter, as I prefer straight time line stories. My wife occasionally works for our township(elections,etc.) and she had signed up to work the 5 year census- where you go door to door and get a headcount of residents. She was getting behind on it, so I drove her around to help. The area she has is somewhat rural, hilly and some areas are quite secluded (rich!). At the end of a private enclave, we came to a place, where upon knocking, an older guy in mismatched jammies (715pm) comes out and answers the questions. My wife jumps in the car and says "He gave his name as Blackie Dammett!). I had heard the name before-but where? Got home and got on the Internet, and up it came. The guy was a booking agent for some major talent, and a character actor in the 80s- in numerous movies and TV shows. He was also listed as the President of The Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan Club (at over 65!??). Turns out his kid is the lead singer! Whoda Thunk?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Chili Cook off For Gildas' Club

Saturday a friend and I participated in our 12th cookoff here(This year was 25th). It is the largest chili cookoff in this part of the world(43 teams) And for a number of years now the procedes goes to Gildas' Club. The weather was lovely, crowd was huge! Now for the rough spots- The Health Inspector was easier than normal, which was a 1st, but for the first time ever, the Fire Marshal showed up. What a dip shit! He made everybody move their prep/serve tables out from under the awning/tent we have cooked under forever. Imagine 100 people cooking, and in the middle of it, have to move everything. Our 4 Gal of chili sold out in 15 min (as usual) with plenty of comeback customers, and many" best here today" comments. The judging at this contest is done by a combo of local celebrities, and other non qualified people that makes your chances of winning on merit less than drawing names from a hat. We did not win anything, but a good time was had by all. Oh yeah- and my ex friends who said I cheated last cookoff? they looked like fools to all the people I talked to about it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bearing False Witness-Beyond Sunday School

You may have read my post about winning a chili cookoff 2 weeks ago. I have found out good friends(ex) later accused me of tampering with their entry. This was so ludicrous, I thought they were playing a joke, but I found out they were dead serious. These are people I started in the contests, helping them with learning the ropes. They have been very successful, and have won or placed many times. I have been about 40 contests, and have gone on record as offering any ingredient to any competitor if they forgot something. My statement was "I want to beat you fair and square, so there is no whining!" They tend to drink alot at these affairs, but most drunks are either forgetful or remorseful the next day. No witness to this alledged attack, just that their chili didn't win. This is about the only way someone can lose my friendship- lying about me.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

If You Live Long Enough..Never Say Never!

My youngest son has been driving a POS car on its' last legs(tires). We told him when it died, we would sell him my wifes' car at a really low price. This was fueled by two desires on my wifes part- helping her kid AND getting a new car! FLASHBACK (20+ yrs) We were making fun of everybody our age with kids that ran out and bought a minivan. Every little league, soccer match,etc. were packed with these boxy underpowered vehicles, plastered with bumper stickers proclaiming "My kid was student of the month at BlahBlah Elementary" or whatever cause/group they made the poor kid belong to. Being an obtuse human being, I swore you would never see me in one of those yard ape haulers. FASTFORWARD TO PRESENT DAY- The world changed. The soccer moms went to SUVs that cost 3 times a minivan. The damn bumper stickers have gotten classier(but still annoying). And the minivans got cooler. After much research and a little shopping, the empty nesters bought a minivan! The current incentives, coupled with the fact that these transports are so flexible, economical, and really kind of fun to drive- sold us on what I swore I would never be seen in. Lesson of the day-DON'T SAY NEVER!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Jeez, There's Alot Of Ranting And Venting Going On!

It seems everywhere I look lately on Blogs, someone is Ranting or Venting. This is an excellent place to get some of your frustrations off your chest/mind, but somebody out there has to have a good day once in awhile! People LIKE to hear good news -Share some!