Friday, September 29, 2006

Disfunctional Birthdays

Saturday, I will be "celebrating" my birthday. As events surrounding us have made a 1 day, read the cards,blow out the candles, open your presents, birthday impossible-this is how it is going. Last night my son came over with a cake, his girlfriend would show up later. He hadn't eaten so I rustled up a meal for him. My wife can't stay, dog hair cut at 6pm, her hair cut at 7pm. Girlfriend shows up, had not eaten and was cranky. Made her dinner after already doing this once. UPS shows up with my present(they treated me best, and don't even know me!), which was cool. Friday I must go into work REALLY early to drop off treat for office, then P.U. sister and hubby and run them to the airport. Tonight, we have to do dinner and theater with customers (dressed up) and I do not like to dress up on Fridays! Saturday is a Wedding, with reception I must attend. I don't know these people, and right now don't want to. If it sounds like I'm whining I'm sorry. I don't care if anyone does anything FOR my birthday, I mind when they do things TO me on my birthday!


Amy said...

Poor thing!

Get sh*tfaced at the reception and all will be good. :o)

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Space Cadet 'R' said...

At least you can make a delicious grilled sandwich with your Cuisinart

Spidey said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
I know what you mean. I would be ticked too if my birthday ended up being about everyone else! I know you don't expect a lot on your birthday, but just a couple hours of being appreciated and acknowledged would have been nice.
My feelings would be just a litte more than hurt if I were you.


Spidey said...

I am throwing you a little party over on my blog.
Come check it out :)


Lynda said...

When I was a kid, we always seemed to be doing something on my birthday. Camping. One year we were traveling home. I at least hope your family wished you a Happy Birthday!

Hope it was great anyway! Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it yesterday. :(

Serra said...

Spidey sent me!!

Hope you had a great Birthday in spite of all the crap. Next year get a cake, some of whatever frosty beverage you prefer, and go fishing.

S* said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I hear ya about things "being done to you" on your birthday. My family insists on having ice cream cake for every birthday. It doesn't matter that I'm lactose intolerant. It's ice cream cake or no cake. Sorry, but I prefer to be gas-free on my birthday!

Snowelf said...

I'm one of Spidey's flies too. ;)

As a fond lover of any birthday, I am bringing belated birthday cheer. I think the celebration of the day someone is born is one of the best ways of celebrating life in general.
So happy birthday Buffalodickdy and many many more. :)

Babsbitchin said...

Well, Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like my life wrapped up in a few sentences. Dismal, huh? Hahahaha!