Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bearing False Witness-Beyond Sunday School

You may have read my post about winning a chili cookoff 2 weeks ago. I have found out good friends(ex) later accused me of tampering with their entry. This was so ludicrous, I thought they were playing a joke, but I found out they were dead serious. These are people I started in the contests, helping them with learning the ropes. They have been very successful, and have won or placed many times. I have been about 40 contests, and have gone on record as offering any ingredient to any competitor if they forgot something. My statement was "I want to beat you fair and square, so there is no whining!" They tend to drink alot at these affairs, but most drunks are either forgetful or remorseful the next day. No witness to this alledged attack, just that their chili didn't win. This is about the only way someone can lose my friendship- lying about me.


keeks said...

Sound like poor losers to me!

Spidey said...

It just goes to show you can't win for trying.
Chili cook offs are serious business here too.
It's too bad they were such sore losers. Serves em right though, in my opionion.
It just really s*cks that they didn't own up to their own failures but instead chose to blame you.

Amy said...

Want me to b*tch slap 'em?
I will if you want me to.
I haven't had a good spot of violence in ages....


Space Cadet 'R' said...

Living better is the best revenge. I hope you kicked their asses this weekend.