Monday, September 29, 2008

Teen-Age Drivers.. A Remembrance..

Vodka Mom posted about the trials of a 16 year old learning to drive. It brought back so many memories I had to post about this moment when one more parental finger is pried loose from their children... I'm going to use an unusual writing style this post, so I can pack in the most moments in the least amount of reading!
1. Eldest son in Drivers Ed.. I decide he should learn to know what it's like to drive a car with a stick shift. One Sunday morning, I take him up to a mall parking lot in my 1959 Ford F-100 pickup (had 4 speeds on the tree counting the creeper gear- 1st.!)With no power steering, nervous as hell, he proceeded to scare the sh*t out of me for about 30 minutes...
2. His first car. Bought out of storage for $500... The brake job to get the car working- $550... First thing he hit was my new Roadmaster, parked in the driveway...All children's' cars banned from parking in my driveway forever..He creamed that car(One half of it) first winter storm. I know people who got me another car of same make from a junkyard- welded one half to other, looked like new! Creamed again 6 months later. Totaled.
3. His second car was a beater- threatened to put a cow catcher on it if he hit one more thing..
4. Went to college, sold car for scrap, didn't drive for next 3 years.. my insurance went down..

1. Youngest boy gets through Drivers Ed, better with stick shift, got a little truck with a 5-speed for him to drive. One year later, T-boned in school parking lot by girl who just got her car back from the body shop. Her mother calls us, saying we have to take reponsibility for accident or insurance company will cancel her. Explained to her daughter hit my son, explained concept of "No Fault" insurance in Michigan, explained accidents in parking lots aren't "at fault" accidents with no ticket issued...I was left with impression her and I would never be close...
2. Second car gets front end smashed in by a concrete pilon protecting a gas pump.. Son not paying attention- talking with car load of buddies.. Informed son I wasn't turning in a claim as my insurance company(who was a number on my speed dialer for these years!) would boot me after 30 yrs with them..

These moments were not meant to alarm all you folks with kids that will someday take to the roads, but I do remember going on blood pressure medication around then...

P.S. To their credit, both are quite good drivers these days!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Treat Version Of Left-Overs...

I wanted to make rice krispie squares... What I had in the cupboards was everything but! I used Honey Bunches of Oats, slivered almonds, corn syrup, white sugar, peanut butter, slivered almonds, and giant Ghirdelli semi- sweet choco chips, to create a sinful, chewy snack for when the sweet tooth attacks! Contemplating a cook-book, utilizing my urban "What's-in-the-house" survival skills..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scrounging Around The Freezer and Pantry..

I found some bone-in chix breasts.. Had just enough redskin potatoes to make a rack out of, so I dumped some cream O chicken soup, and seasonings on them- placed in a crock pot, and cooked for about 6 hrs. The result was actually quite good! The next cooking adventure right after supper was when I found some Rotini spiral pasta and decided to make pasta salad! Pasta, hard cooked eggs, cheese, chopped onions, chopped green and black olives, ham, chicken, all in an Italian creamy dressing, with red wine vinegar, olive oil, and spices.. Tasty, if a bit salty from the olives! Got rid of a lot of open jars that need to be replaced before the Holidays! I still might bake some choco chip cookies tonight, but we'll see..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Well, Here We Are.. Mini-mime, Two Questions..

Through blogging, I have been exposed to many different people, and different thoughts.. This has been, as I expected- a wonderful thing! All of us have found at least one great truth about life.. This is your time to share it!
First question:
1. What was life supposed to be.
2. What wasn't it supposed to do to you...
Here's my answers..
Life did not happen because you wanted it to, it was thrust upon you, by Nature, that had a whole different agenda..
I believe we are charged with a commitment to propagate our species, but not until the planet shows clearly we can not sustain a quality of life that shows intelligence through controlling over-population...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ye All Be Knowin' What Day This Be? Talk Like O Pirate Day, Ye Scurvy Landlubbers...

Aye! Arrrrh... Ahoy Mates! Today be the day when we all get to palaver like a pirate! A fine and wonderful day it be... Let's make it a Mini- meme day to boot!
1. What was your all tyme favorite pirate movie?
2. What be the worst one you might have ever seen?
Me first! Bilge rats... tryin' to cut in on me Captains' share of the booty..
Me Best -Captain Blood! Based on a book by Rafael Sabatini, it was one of the first Error Flynn/Anthony Quinn match ups as Rovers of the High Seas..Although the original "Treasure Island".. Upon my soul, it is a seaworthy tale that warms the cockles of me heart..
Me Worst - A Kristi McNichol/Chris Atkins remake of Gilbert and Sullivans operetta "Pirates of Penzance" called "The Pirate Movie" All copies of this Jonah should be weighted and thrown into Davey Jones Locker forever!
Swabs, don't even think of tryin' yer hand at this, lest it be in Pirate speak! Oh, go on, give it a go... we won't keel haul ya if ya don't pick it up right smart..
Calm seas, and a fair wind at your backs today, mateys- and don't be usin' spell check today- as it won't help!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthday Supper- Just Take-out Pizza, And A Cake!

My wife had a good, if a little odd, birthday. First, I had gotten a card the day before, and hid it. Pretty darn well, I might add- because the morning of her birthday, I couldn't find it! Used my deductive reasoning skills to find it about 2hrs. after she had left the house... Great card... It was one those singing cards, doing Martha and The Vandellas song "Nowhere to Run" (Nowhere to hide")! Yeah, we are at an age where a birthday is a mixed blessing... better than being dead I guess..
We decided a delivered pizza would make it easy on everyone concerned. We opted for the best in this part of the world- Fred's Pizza! Founded by an Italian immigrant, Fred was a true American character... Federico Pizzo was actually his name. To complain about a pizza you got was to hear him say, "I maka pizza same way every day- I give you free calendar".. The pizza was great, but should have gotten a bigger one! Son picked up a cake, per my request, which was good! He also brought flowers, which his mom always appreciates.. Our son called from Kansas City(unprompted by me!)and they talked for awhile. Her present from me was early- that ring I bought her on Labor Day week-end, so that was it! Today it's to the dentist for a broken tooth repair incurred over the week end

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Dinner, Rainy, Warm, and Done on the Smoker-Grill!

I had a boneless rib roast in my freezer, begging to be cooked for today! Seasoned with rosemary, garlic, sea salt, coarse ground black pepper, soaked in Worcestershire sauce, and olive oil.. it was ready to go on the smoker... Propane provided the heat, charcoal and hickory wood provided the smoke! 4lbs., 3 hrs., just about right!Prime was a little past my favorite- med. rare, but still tasty Bake some Yukon Gold Potatoes, and steam some asparagus, set out rolls, and we're there! Dessert of course! Tomorrow is my wife's birthday, so we probably will go out with son and GF... They refuse to miss a free meal!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday- A Humble Meal For Tired People..

This was not an easy week for me, or my wife- for different reasons! I am dealing with an on going anemia issue, and my wife has been dealing with final exams on her Pharmacy Tech certification.. The good news is, all is progressing in the right direction! She passed with flying colors! Friday night used to be the night to howl... Then it became the night to sit and relax with friends... Now it's "Where's my damn robe, I'm going to crash right after dinner!".. I never thought a nice Friday night would include home made soup, a little bread and butter, and turning off the God built computer called our brain! Tonight, I finally got around to using the chicken and broth I had made earlier this week. Imagine a killer chix broth, chopped carrots, celery, sliced mushrooms, slivered chicken, and white and wild rice in a soup- with seasonings! Served with bread and butter(real deal!) on the side.. I bet you're relaxing too, right now- after reading that.. Enjoy your week ends.. and if you get a moment, please visit deb (Olive, The Other Relish!) She could use a hug or two today...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mini-Meme Time! You Know The Drill..

Every so often, I like to throw out a couple of questions people seem to enjoy answering! It gives them a chance to say something, without making a whole post about it.. This might not include everyone today, because it is about Marriage!
The questions today are:
1. What was your best memory about your Wedding day?
2. What was the weirdest thing that happened on that day. or your honeymoon?
I generally go first, as it gives the uninitiated or timid a clue as what to do...
I was married at a fairly young age,(20!) and my bride was 19.. We, because of inexperience in these things, went along with almost every suggestion that was given!
The best memory of that day was that I firmly believed in what I was doing, there was never any doubt I was doing what destiny had laid out for me. That, and the incredible sex that followed that night!
The worst memory was getting to that bed... We had decided an Up North week-end honeymoon was in order! First night, driving to Manistee MI I found out my wife did not( and cannot!) to this day- read a map.. We finally found the motel, with a note on the door saying, "Key's in the door of 23, have fun.." We Did!
Next day, champange hangover, we headed to St. Ignace, to our next bed.. strike that- room.. My wife had gotten the key, we went up, got our stuff unpacked and attacked each other again.. I awoke to someone trying to get in our room.. The chain was across the door, which was the only thing that stopped Billy Tourist and his whole family walking in on us naked, with sheets up around our necks wondering WTF! Turns out we were in the wrong room, with a pass key that worked in every lock in the joint! My bride had gotten us in the wrong room... This was only a taste of the things she would to to me over the next 35 years..
Your turn kiddies!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Roast Chicken And Stuffing...Or Is It Dressing?

Today, I'm roasting about a 7lb. chicken (capon!) with stuffing, and dressing... What is the difference between the two? I was told once, if it's in the birds' cavity, it's stuffing. If it's outside the bird in a casserole dish or whatever, it's dressing! I'm doing both because I made up a lot of stuffing- and I want to see if one is superior to the other, in any way! The bird was seasoned with a a blend of spices that is called "Poultry spice"(how imaginative!) and sprayed with olive oil. The stuffing is dried bread cubes, chopped celery, chopped onion, and sage sausage, touched up with black pepper, garlic powder, butter and chix broth. The bird will go for almost 3 hrs., while the pan of dressing will be in (covered!) about 50 min. at 330F.. Well, I'd better make the gravy up soon, all to be posted after dinner, with photos..The dressing came out tasty, but less moisture than the stuffing.. blended them together for some really good eating! Right now, I am simmering carcass in chix broth to make a soup for later this week! Left over chicken will figure heavily in the content..

Friday, September 05, 2008

Dinner And A Better Picture....

Earlier, when I took a photo of my sons' new girlfriend, it didn't look as good as she does! She was squinting into the sun, so I offered to post a better photo of her soon... Of course, my son then decides to not shave for a couple of days...
The meal was a marinated center cut pork loin and Au gratin potatoes... With rolls, sauteed mushrooms, and brownies for dessert- we were OK... I use alot of disposable pans when making food that likes to stick to a regular pan ( which makes clean up harder!). Enjoy your week-ends... I'm way behind on paperwork again...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sharp Knives- The Only Kind I've Got!

About once a year, I get my automatic knife sharpener down from the closet, and give my set of Wusthof knives a thorough sharpening. Throughout the year, I just use a ceramic sharpener, and touch them up with a Butchers' steel.. The three stage sharpener is easy and fast, and I have always felt a sharp knife is safer than a dull one! Take note: These are working knives, not "show" knives.. Wusthof uses a blend of steel that makes them pretty corrosion resistant, and still easy to sharpen- unlike the usual 440C Stainless steel knives! The handles do not like the dishwasher- I learned that after it was too late..Missing in photo- the kitchen scissors, which didn't need sharpening this day.. Even with all my kitchen gizmos, I still prefer to use a knife!