Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years-The 3 Rs-Reflection, Rebirth,Resolve

Reflection: I always think it's a good idea to look back over your accomplishments,challenges, and even disappointments of the past year. It helps you realize it was not all bad, or all bananas in Eden either!
Rebirth: We all tend to plan a better year than before, making resolutions, vows and in general to be better at whatever the hell we think we should be!
Resolve: The tuffy! It requires a backbone to accomplish some of our goals, and it is a hard thing to do! I am great at doing anything (losing weight, quitting bad habits, etc.) but not forever. I must learn to moderate my goals in order to have a fighting chance of having them last.
I wish you all success with your 2007-May it be as good as you planned it! Happy New Year!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Are Your New Years' Eve Getting Old?

I look back upon the many New Years' Eve parties I have attended. There were dances, dinner dances, house parties, pay at the door parties,etc. There were some great times had, with great friends. About 10 years ago, we started to put on a gourmet dinner for our sons and their friends (or girlfriends!) before everyone left for the drinking part. This assured they at least had a stomach full of solid food before the boozing began! This year, I am making my Wicked White Chili for my sons' girlfriends' parents party. We are bringing an appetizer to a Texas Hold'em card party with friends(wives&husbands!) which should minimize my efforts. It's a bitch to get old-not for the obvious reasons, but for the ones you didn't see coming! Like staying awake 'til midnight instead of staying awake all night!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas- The Aftermath.....

Christmas Eve went great, with the ribs&sauce coming out tender and tasty! All were in good spirits and left before I had to kick them out!
Christmas Day, I had committed to smoke a 10lb prime rib for dinner. I have done many things in a smoker, but never the "King of Meats"! Came out tender and tasty-not overdone, and not too smoky. Two days in a row of cooking as intensely as I did leaves me somewhat drained. No more special meals 'til New Years' Eve!
The gifts were well recieved by all. I wish the kids would stop giving me stuff, as they know they have plenty of other spots I'd like to see them spend it!
It was good to see my son in from K.C. as it has been a year since we were out there. He is putting a tutorial on my computer so I may someday show pictures of the events and things I describe so poorly in my words alone. Hope everyone had a wonderful time, and hope the New Year is even brighter for all!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Look! I've Got An Avatar!

The soon-to-be-famous logo of Buffalo Dick!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve at Buffalo Dicks'

It is our year to host the party! We have worked all year to have the major rooms in our house renovated before this time-and we did it! My son from K.C. came in last night and said " The place never looked like this while I was growing up here". I told him we had decided his parents would never have anything nice until he and his brother grew up and moved away!
It was a home. That meant dog and cat hair, dented doors, stained carpets, and a place where people were comfortable because they were welcome. One of our sons' friends came in from Phoenix. We had not seen in two years, walked in yesterday, grabbed a pop from the fridge, sat down at the table and proceeded to play catch up on all since we talked last. I asked him what he thought of our remodeled place. He liked it, but it was obvious he had been more interested in us than our surroundings. That's what you want!
Today, I will be cooking all day. Menu tonight; BBQ Ribs, w/homemade bourbon sauce, herb meatballs in a brown/burgundy sauce, shrimp w/2 dipping sauces, potato casserole, full relish tray, and a white choco cheesecake,drizzled w/bittersweet chocolate, then topped w/a raspberry Chambord sauce. Rolls,candy,nuts,beverages,etc. as you would expect. We really like the people coming tonight, and are looking forward to seeing them all again. I sincerely wish you all have that same kind of day!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Being Nice To Customers During The Holidays

Every year when the Holidays roll around,(in my job) you really should thank your customers for the business they have done with you in the past year. This results in delivering nuts, candy, calendars, a rather hectic manner. Then there are the ones that you are friends with, so you show up to their luncheon, bring home made goodies, etc(again!) 2 yrs. ago, I brought a customer some of my competition chili for his whole shop. Guess what they want for their Christmas luncheon? You got it! This stuff is about 1-1/2 hrs prep (another 1/2 hr shopping) and 3 hrs cooking. I'm flattered, but this time of year I don't have alot of spare time after cooking/baking the normal Holiday stuff! I'm sure you all have the same type of stories about hectic schedules-Good Luck with yours!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Puzzled, But Not Displeased....

It started Thursday, with a road trip to meet with Management. They were presenting our new compensation program, and they met with us individually. It went well for me I guess, being no better or worse than our last deal-but this one is simpler. The hue and cry from others what not so favorable! The next few weeks should be interesting. During the midst of all this, I got a phone call asking if I would be interested in another job. The timing was spooky,but talked a bit with the individual and found out it was a legitimate company with a pretty good offer. Out of left field I get another phone call from another of our VPs asking me to help out in his division-with further compensation! I swear to God, more happened in 24hrs than has happened in the last 5 years! I don't know what any of this means, but will puzzle it out! I just want to start focusing on the holiday season and try to enjoy.
Today, if all goes to plan we will have our main floor rooms covered with new doors and hardware. This will wrap up a goal we set 1 yr ago to have our entire main floor completly redone by Christmas 2006!
Shop,bake,decorate,but try not to let the season control you-You control the season and enjoy!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Career Or Job-Which One Do You Have?

I have been in the same line of work for over 33 yrs. I did not intend the metals/steel business be my lifes' work- It just sort of happened. I was working in Product Design for a year after college, when a week before I was to be married-our project was cancelled and I was let go. When you are young, these kind of things bother you! I interviewed at three places, taking the easiest job because my self-esteem was a little missing, and my new wife-to-be didn't have a job yet either! After a couple of months, I noticed technically advanced people were not in abundance in this industry, so I stuck around to see if that might be an opportunity. It was.
My father was a salesman most of his career. I remember as a little kid him coming home frustrated and sometimes a little "wound up" from trying to get people to buy something, only to have them choose other options. That is why I decided on engineering! Your gene pool has alot to do with how you turn out, as my technical training and natural gift of gab made me a perfect candidate for the job I've had for 30yrs.!
However, after a long time in the same field-especially when it is not in growth mode, you ask; wouldn't it be cool to try something else? It's your career-but are you happy? Life is an unknown. Maybe we all ought to make sure we are living it the way we want.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Recital Reception Menu-Caterer Buffalo Dick

Friday night, my sons' girlfriend will participate as a principal in a music recital. Afterwards, she is responsible for a reception serving food, and beverages(punch). We supplied and served the food last year-to rave reviews (free!)! This year, because of the talk of the great food- attendance is probably double. Great! We will be serving Korean flavored NY strip kabobs, Jamacian jerk chicken kabobs, A pasta salad made for a guy ( colored spiral pasta,ham,cheese,pepperoni,olives,onions,bell pepper,eggs,in a sauce combo of Italian garlic and Parmesan creamy), designer cookies, a sheet cake decorated to theme, and a relish tray-featuring Polish roses(onion wraps). Alot of work after working all week, but if we didn't do it- it wouldn't get done!I am sure by event time (Fri. nite) we will have already done all we will for the weekend!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

First Christmas Party Of The Season

Tonight, we must drive 90 miles to the Big Beaver Hunt Club Christmas party. Husband and wives affair, with oodles of food, drink, and Chinese gift exchange. If you don't know what that last one is, here goes; Men bring mans' gift, women bring womens' gift(wrapped). Numbers are drawn from a bowl, equaling number of people there. Low is bad, high is good. The reason low is bad is because the next person drawing can take your unwrapped gift, or pick a wrapped gift if they don't like yours, and on and on. A gift can only be "stolen" a total of three times. Some people get very annoyed, but we do it anyway. My wife and I have never gotten a high number, and every year come home with lame ass gifts! We could stay the night, but don't-which makes for a long drive home.
The appetizer I'm bringing is a cream cheese/green onion/sharp cheddar/horseradish filling, wrapped up in a piece of thinly sliced medium rare roast beef. They got gone last year, and was asked to bring them again. Hopefully, this gathering will help me get in the holiday mood, because honestly-I am not there yet!