Saturday, December 02, 2006

First Christmas Party Of The Season

Tonight, we must drive 90 miles to the Big Beaver Hunt Club Christmas party. Husband and wives affair, with oodles of food, drink, and Chinese gift exchange. If you don't know what that last one is, here goes; Men bring mans' gift, women bring womens' gift(wrapped). Numbers are drawn from a bowl, equaling number of people there. Low is bad, high is good. The reason low is bad is because the next person drawing can take your unwrapped gift, or pick a wrapped gift if they don't like yours, and on and on. A gift can only be "stolen" a total of three times. Some people get very annoyed, but we do it anyway. My wife and I have never gotten a high number, and every year come home with lame ass gifts! We could stay the night, but don't-which makes for a long drive home.
The appetizer I'm bringing is a cream cheese/green onion/sharp cheddar/horseradish filling, wrapped up in a piece of thinly sliced medium rare roast beef. They got gone last year, and was asked to bring them again. Hopefully, this gathering will help me get in the holiday mood, because honestly-I am not there yet!


Spidey said...

That sounds like a fun twist on the traditional gift exchange. I had never heard of it before. I am hoping you and your wife got *lucky* this year and BOTH drew high numbers.
You can't leave us hanging...what did you get?!?!?!

The appetizer you made sounds delish. It also sounds pretty labor intensive :)

I am trying really hard to get in the Holiday mood too. It comes and goes in wafts and whispers. I think once I get my shopping started I will be able to relax a little more it will set in.

buffalodickdy said...

Good to hear from you! The party really was fun, with both my wife and I drawing high. She ended up with a holiday serving dish she liked and I got the best prize in the house-a poker set that weighed about 15lbs,with 400 12kg chips and a metal case!Still, I see more work than play this week so we shall wait for the holiday spirit to descend!

Kayla said...

I'm going to a party Sat. night.
We'll have a similar gift exchange, only called "white elephant" instead of chinese.
I have no idea why!

Sounds like you and the wife struck gold with your presents.

I'm trying to come up with a good appetizer to take.
(easy but impressive looking!)

buffalodickdy said...

Check out the Scotch egg recipe I sent to "Pinknest" who commented on my last posting. Not that hard, and with the sauce of your choice, every guy in the place will love you! I'm doing a recital reception for my sons' girlfriend Fri. Menu includes; "Tropical Chocolate Chip Cookies (dried pineapple,white choco chips,macadamia nuts,coconut),A Korean steak kabob,a Jerk chicken kabob,and other non- original stuff. Anything appeals, get back to me!

Hollz said...

that sounds like a fun game, wish i could play i played something along the lines of that once at a baby shower and man was i getting annoyed because people kepttaking my gift.. ughhhh

pinknest said...

that sounds fun! minus the lame gifts. haha. i hope you make out better this time. oooh and that appetizer sounds so delish!! i should try something like that, too.

Lynda said...

Those gift exchanges can last forever, if you don't put a limit on gift theft. LOL

Glad you had a great time, and great gifts.