Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cell Phones- Technology Marches Forward

Today I had to pickup a new cell phone. I had close to 12,000 calls on the old one, and under the plan I'm on had a new one coming free. I have dealt with this Verizon branch for about 10yrs, and everytime I go in there it's bigger, with more staff. I was greeted by two young people who literally blocked my way. "What do you need today,sir?" "A loaf of bread-which isle is it in?" Then I was put in front of a touch screen to load my own ID into it while they watched. I pointed out I did not need them, as I know the drill on how to get a new phone. The real sales person came over, and everything went fine after that. You will never go into these places and say "same phone as before" as they are obsoleted w/in 18 months. I got a phone that does at least 70 things I will never use, and that was a rather base model! I can actually check my E-mails on the phone, which is pretty cool! They downloaded all my customer contacts into the new phone for 10 bucks, saving me 4 hrs of loading time by hand.
As my previous entry said-I'm just trying to keep up!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Computers-How Did We Ever Get Here?

Today, I must play "catch up" on all the reports I am behind on at work. All sales people in our company are hooked into our computer system from home, so if we want we can work 24/7! When I started in the business, computers did the billing and inventory only. People placed orders thru the mail, or phoned them in. No car phones, no e-mails, no CAD,etc.
With the innovations in computer technolgy, I now work more hours than I ever have! My cell phone minutes average 2500 a month(over 40 hrs.!) My work computer time is probably 25hrs. We as an advanced nation, now work harder for less.
On the upside we can play games, communicate with friends, shop w/out the driving/searching hours, and used properly-have more leisure time!
It has changed America and the World. People of different generations communicate differently, and have problems because of it. On the other hand, the world has probably never been able to communicate better! I do not know where it's going, but I am going to try and keep up as best I can! Good Luck to all of you trying to do the same.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving A Little Different This Year

I'll be baking a couple of pies after this entry. My wife went to the funeral home for visitation-her Uncle died. I would have gone too, but tomorrow I have to attend a memorial service for a friend and didn't feel up to 2 days in a row in that environment.Our gathering this year is small, with traditional food the menu. Turkey, sausage/sage stuffing, hash browns in a cheesy casserole,Homemade rolls- and pumpkin pie. I like a bigger group, but people have other obligations. A quiet celebration, which might be appropriate this year. You all enjoy yours, however you spend them!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Anonymous "Neighbor" Rant

I am mildly-to-medium pissed at a so-called neighbor of mine. Yesterday, we recieved a letter from the Towmship we live in. The content of the letter was polite (as my wife is friends w/the big cheese!)but told us we were complained on for a barking dog.
1. We have lived here longer than anyone else, and have had a barking dog(all Airdales) in this house for 25yrs.
2. We have never had a complaint against us in the entire time we've lived here.
3. There is only one person where we live that doesn't have a dog, so guess who might have complained?
4. We let my dog out in the morning when she barks to go-I'm not going to make an animal wait until there's an accident on the carpet!
5. A real neighbor would have just come over and told me his problem.
People who avoid working together and communicating with others hold back progress to a better world. A guy like this ends up with more grief than he thought he had in the first place!
I am a loyal friend-but can be a determined assho*e when necessary. We will do our best not to leave the dog out past "doody time", but if there were more dogs watching the neighborhoods, there might be less crime.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Deer Camp As Usual...

Nothing of the extrordinary to report. Sad. I have seen these people under the influence of adult beverages do some pretty funny sh*t! It is a bitch to get old! All your wild times start with "Remember when..." I will have to go back to times gone by and list a few funny moments trying to shoot an innocent deer..

Waiting in pitch dark for dawn in car drinking spiked coffee, dumped whole scalding cup in my crotch. Felt kinda good at first, but then it got colder...

Bow hunting w/best friend when walking behind him on game trail, he hears something. I was looking at trail, and saw fresh tracks. Stabbed him square in the ass with my arrow when he stopped. Ever see a 6'2" guy on his tippy toes? Pretty damn funny 'til he turns around...

Following year, same "friend" has gun slung over shoulder,walking in front of me when he trips-.308 Browning goes off 1 foot from my face. Deaf for about an hour...

1st year eldest son hunts. Sat about 100ards from him to make sure he'd be OK. I see him jumping around like something attacked him, run over there to find out his boot lace had come untied and he thought it was a snake!

One year, after heavy drinking previous night, stumbled out to a blind I had seen once in my life. It's pitch dark, and I know I'm close but can't see it. Back up to get a different perspective, trip over log and land in the chair set up in the blind!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Deer Camp- American Male Version Of A Girl Teenage Pajama Party.

I am off to "Deer Camp" later today, with my youngest son. For 2 days we will eat, play cards,eat, drink,shoot pool,eat,and oh yeah-hunt for a deer. At least 8 others will be there(big place) telling jokes, giving each other sh*t, and catching up with stories of our lives since we last gathered. A good bunch of people, who will all bring enough food and booze for the Russian Army if they stop by. We are from all walks of life, some wealthy, some not, some well known in their life-but not always for good reasons! I hope to hear some new jokes I can share, and I'm sure I can get a blog or two out of the unexpected happenings in the next few days!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ramblings Of An Amateur Cook-Buffalo Dick.....

A short critique of Celebrity Chefs;
Rachael Ray- Has never eaten anything she didn't like! Messy cook, but a great smile and personality!

Emeril- Great cook, nasty accent and cornball presentation.

Bobby Flay- Cocky but likable, probably doesn't cook all that much anymore.

Paula Dean- Most annoying. Even if you're down South, you don't have to say "Ya'll" every other sentence!

Some the best cooks in the world don't have TV shows, probably because they're busy cooking!

To name a few- Paul Kirk (Baron of BB-Q)Get his books!
Steve Raichlen-Same advice!
Taste of Home- A magazine featuring recipes from good home style cooks from all over the country. Skip magazine- Once a year they combine them all into 1 cookbook(buy that instead!)

Today, I plan to put 5lbs of beef strips(marinated) into the dehydrator and make about 2-1/2 lbs of jerky for Deer Camp. I also will be smoking 2 bone-in turkey breasts that have been brined and injected- for about 7 hrs. New smoker-wish me luck!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Son Got A Birthday, I Got The Present!

I occasionally like to play Michigan State Lottos' Keno game. You can pick and bet up to 10 numbers(out of 80) for as little as a dollar, or more if you wish. I usually play the same numbers every time $2 a line, 5 lines, but in honor of my sons' birthday, I played his day,date,year born,age,birth wt,and length at birth. 9,11,77,29,6,10,21. I matched 6 out of 7 for 200 bucks, and the next line matched 5 out of 7 for 22 more! Play a hunch once in a while-you never know!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to Jet Packs!

If you get a chance today, try and wish Jet Packs a Happy Birthday! He is the reason I have a blog at all. You see, Jet Packs is my son, and I wished to have an opportunity to read his writings(which can be pretty good!)and have a little more communication with him-as he does not live close by! Right now he's got kind of a neat video worth watching, that combines music, science, and propane! Thanks!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

From Contestant To Judge

Recently, my wife was asked by a co-worker if we would judge a chili cookoff held by their church. As my wife has a vocabulary that doesn't include "No", we were booked to judge today. I was warned they have never had a chili contest, and the categories reflected that! Hottest, Sweetest, Homestyle were new ones on me. I also warned them of a possible lightning strike on the building, as I haven't been a regular visitor in these structures. It went pretty well, as there were no really bad(or good!)chilis to pick from. As they had a little prize for just about everybody, no one was bitching about the judges. God Bless Prilosec!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Over Til Next Year

Body count- Close to 90!
Young kids- Cute as heck in their costumes!
Older kids- Behaved pretty good!
Horror movies on last night- sucked!
Airdale dog behavior- Pretty good, but spent more time shoved in bathroom than a person with the trots!
Hope you all had fun, and be sure to check out the candy specials today! Next stop- Thanksgiving! (Unless you're from Michigan- then it's Deer Camp!)