Friday, November 17, 2006

Deer Camp As Usual...

Nothing of the extrordinary to report. Sad. I have seen these people under the influence of adult beverages do some pretty funny sh*t! It is a bitch to get old! All your wild times start with "Remember when..." I will have to go back to times gone by and list a few funny moments trying to shoot an innocent deer..

Waiting in pitch dark for dawn in car drinking spiked coffee, dumped whole scalding cup in my crotch. Felt kinda good at first, but then it got colder...

Bow hunting w/best friend when walking behind him on game trail, he hears something. I was looking at trail, and saw fresh tracks. Stabbed him square in the ass with my arrow when he stopped. Ever see a 6'2" guy on his tippy toes? Pretty damn funny 'til he turns around...

Following year, same "friend" has gun slung over shoulder,walking in front of me when he trips-.308 Browning goes off 1 foot from my face. Deaf for about an hour...

1st year eldest son hunts. Sat about 100ards from him to make sure he'd be OK. I see him jumping around like something attacked him, run over there to find out his boot lace had come untied and he thought it was a snake!

One year, after heavy drinking previous night, stumbled out to a blind I had seen once in my life. It's pitch dark, and I know I'm close but can't see it. Back up to get a different perspective, trip over log and land in the chair set up in the blind!


Kayla said...

He thought his shoelace was a snake!
I knew a man who was sleep deprived, sitting on the edge of his bed putting his argyle gold toe socks on in the semi-dark;
Turned to the side to get something, and upon returning to put his other sock on, started madly stomping his socked foot!
The argyle design made his foot look like a snake.

Snowelf said...

ROFL!!!! this was a REALLY funny post when I really needed a laugh!


Spidey said...

Thanks for the laughs, Dick :)

Wild times are great...whether they start with "Guess what happened" or "Remember when..."

I can just see you and your buddy out there on the trail when you forked him in the ass...LMAO!!!!

Good times, good times indeed.