Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Deer Camp- American Male Version Of A Girl Teenage Pajama Party.

I am off to "Deer Camp" later today, with my youngest son. For 2 days we will eat, play cards,eat, drink,shoot pool,eat,and oh yeah-hunt for a deer. At least 8 others will be there(big place) telling jokes, giving each other sh*t, and catching up with stories of our lives since we last gathered. A good bunch of people, who will all bring enough food and booze for the Russian Army if they stop by. We are from all walks of life, some wealthy, some not, some well known in their life-but not always for good reasons! I hope to hear some new jokes I can share, and I'm sure I can get a blog or two out of the unexpected happenings in the next few days!


Lynda said...

Have a great time! I hope the deer know how to duck. (California girl)

Kayla said...

Have a blast at the man party in the woods!

Amy said...

Don't shoot Bambi!


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