Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weird, But Really Good Eats!

I actually made an open face, broiled treat from slices from that large Puff ball mushroom! Seasoned it with Worchester sauce, and a blend of dry seasonings,topped it with turkey and cheese- and turned it loose! Not half bad! Good mushroomy flavor, and original-I'm sure! Tonight, we had a Chicken tenders, with Swiss cheese and bacon concoction, that couldn't be called Cordon Bleu, but had the same flavors... I even topped mine with blue cheese dressing..and a couple of cobs of some of the last Michigan fresh corn we are liable to get this season! I'm no Dog Bloggy, but I do get my "cookin' out of the box" groove on- once in a while!

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Son's Birthday Meal- Coooked And Catered By Moi!

For years, we would take our sons out on their birthday, to any restaurant they wanted.. Lately we changed that tradition to having a meal at my house- anything they wanted! My youngest, Craig (aka CraigO, CraigoEggo, CODY-Craig Owen DeYoung!)Loves to eat, and picked out the following menu;
1. Appetizer.. Italian sausage stuffed mushrooms with smoked Provolone cheese.
2. Fresh asparagus, steamed.
3. Roasted redskin potatoes, with gravy.
4. Thick, top round roast- done as a pot roast for 3-1/2 hrs.
5. Sourdough bread, butter or honey on top.
6. Caramel-cinnamon apple crisp, with vanilla bean ice cream.
All came out as planned, with no missteps! His girlfriend was in attendance, and enjoyed what he did!
He loves our Airedale, Clara, and was putting her out to do what dogs do, spied a large, white object by the side of our house... He comes back in and says "Look what I found!" It was a moisture-laden Puffball mushroom, perfectly sized for slicing and eating soon! Hope you enjoy the photos, and figure out which is which!
We suspend serious talks when celebrating birthdays around here, as it is guaranteed to ruin a good time on a day when I believe you should celebrate your life!
A good week-end is what I wish to all of you!
P.S.- Wish you were here DogB- I know your love of mushrooms from the wilderness! Your home made beer, my shrooms.. what a great feast! All girls and boys who visit are welcome too!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pet Stories.. Continued!

I enjoyed so many of your stories about your animals, I decided to tell one more- hoping you all have some more too!
Our first dog, the Airedale Tillie (AKC name- Milady Matilta Goldry) was a piece of work... We were newbies to the breed, and didn't know how much like a mongoose on crack they were! They aren't stupid, but by choice, they act like it! Here is my story, funny but true..
1. The Dog Who Locked Me Out Of The House..
It was a beautiful summery day, when my wife declared she was taking the kids to what we call "Festival" in Grand Rapids.. It is a time of ethnic food booths, free shows offered on stages- of kids, dancing, singing, and acting.. Later, bands, singers, other performance acts- more for the adults.. I told her, I will meet you down there in a bit- I wanted to sunbathe, listen to Jimmy Buffett music, and have an adult beverage or two in the back yard, totally undisturbed by life and it's complications! Our old slider window was worn, and the lock didn't work, so we had a stick, cut the length of one slider door we would use to "lock it".. I know you all see this coming..
My great first dog Tillie, wanted to come outside with her master, and was prancing around by the the closed, but not blocked slider. She hopped into the stick, it tipped over, and landed directly in the slider guide- to lock me out of the house!
No extra key(like I have now!), no unlocked window(which I have now!) I was sitting on the front porch, when my seriously pissed wife came home... "Where were you??!!??" she yelled.. "The dog locked me out of the house".... "Drunk again? You Bastard!"... It ain't easy bein' me... I was framed- by a friggin' dog!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sorry For Late Post... Comcast And I Will Never Be Close..

I was ready to post a melange of food offerings, when all my Internet service, land line phone, and cable TV shit the bed! I recently signed up with a package through Comcast, (that saved me money!) where they provided all that.. I guess I didn't realize the risk of being with one company for all the stuff I needed that I mentioned! It went down.. I was nice... promises were made.. Nothing happened...
Most of you don't know me, but I am like David Banner, and the Incredible Hulk! I am the nicest man you might meet, until you actually manage to Royally Piss Me Off! The third time I called, I had officially turned green, and was very large- and pissed! Ask for a Higher Up when you get that mad, and also get names... Ask for a verbal contract(You said this would happen, and when!) Point out you have been wronged, did nothing to deserve this, and tell them in a controlled, but unmistakably peeved voice- you have been wronged, and ain't gonna take it lying down!
I would not currently been on the Internet writing this, if all that didn't work! Made friends with the techs that came out, even my guard dog loved them, after I let them in! Gave them a pack of my home made beef jerky, too! Credits for lost service are coming, and even when mad- I can make friends...
A pent-up bunch of food posts, due to aforementioned issues- but here we go!
There is a photo of what left over beef and barley soup look like with a cheddar and turkey grilled sandwich, also beef jerky under production.. then a cantalope(muskmelon!) filled with home-made tuna fish salad, some snacky, buttered up popcorn(Bina and Beth!) and finally- the potato casserole(mashed taters, cream cheese, spices, butter, sour cream, and onions) and a beef-pork meatloaf- classically "Diner" seasoned!
Apologize to any I have not commented , or answered lately... blame the Devil named Internet! A good week wished to all, by your friend, the Buff!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Blog Of B's Today, Bacon, Bueno Nachos, Beef Barley Soup, And Beeuteefull Browines!

Earlier, I posted on visiting a friend in poor health. I brought cheesecake, with a raspberry sauce, and in return gave me some bacon he found at an out of the way meat market... By looking at it, I knew this stuff was primo! Center cut, thick, smoked, and fat-to-meat ratio near perfect, we waited one day before diving into it! My wife loves a BLT, but doesn't like tomatoes on it... This is a friggin' bacon sammich with mayo and lettuce! Next night, we had "breakfast for supper" which we do occasionally- bacon again, an omlette with mushrooms and cheese in it, with a toasted bagel. She ate her bacon, and the two extra pieces I had made for the dog... Moral of story- Get not between my wife and excellent bacon! Also, I recommend saving the bacon grease after it cools- much added flavor to many dishes you might make! Refrigerate- of course!
Following night, we simply had some Nachos- as my wife's work schedule got changed again!
Today, I made a soup we enjoy, which is simple, homey, and good- Beef Barley! I use a slow cooker(crock-pot!) in the summer months for soup... long cooking times, limited heating up of the kitchen, and low energy use all good reasons to do this. I use reduced sodium beef broth, beef bullion cubes, water, garlic, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, barley, small cubes of beef(eye of round, this time!Brown it first!), chopped onions, celery, carrots, and sliced fresh mushrooms. Cooked on low for 6-7 hrs., it is simple and delicious!
I also made some out of the box Turtle brownies(with addition of more choco chips!) that we don't need, but will probably eat in two days flat!
I still have to slice the rest of the eye of round into jerky strips, marinate, and dehydrate over the next couple of days, and I also have to make tuna salad for sandwiches, and filling for melon...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Remember When...

I have wonderful people who I blog with, but there was a time..long ago... when the world did not blog..(Imagine us all dressed in hides or uncured animal skin- around a campfire.. and the Old Fart, who tells the Tales, and teaches reading the signs of how old the buffalo crap is- and where that herd is headed, is speaking..)Got your attention? Good!
I have noticed a lot of young couples, who have young children show up here and comment. I loved that time of my life, and understand many of you young women that are tied to house and children, loving being a Mom, but still trying to be an individual too.. This was one of the ways we sought to remember, while we had children- we were still adults, and people too!
I organized a "Supper Club".. The format was as follows:
1. Total of 6 couples, 4 couples per month, in rotation..
2. Couple at top of list had to pick out, and make reservations for 4 couples(8) when it was their turn.
3. We would alert the restaurant what we were doing, and would be graded against the other restaurants picked by the other couples. No restaurant could be picked more than once.
4. If you could not attend, the next person in line got to go.
5. They were graded by couples attending that night on:
A. Service.
B. Choices on menu.
C. Presentation.
D. Execution of dish.
E. Overall Experience of Evening.
It was a tremendous success! Everyone loved getting out,dressing up, being spoiled, and being adults(but still parents, as conversations ran to kids!), it was a pleasant interlude between work, duties at home, and helping us remember- we were people too!
Life is a balancing act, between marriage, kids, jobs, and stuff you didn't see coming!
Last night, I brought cheesecake to my bud going though chemo.. he was whupped, but hung in there- his wife and both grown kids were there(known all 30++ years!). Had fun, talked about the old days when we were so young, cancer was what somebody else died of.. Never once talked of it, as only an idiot would have..
Have good times and remember them- as they may not pass your way again..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Have Some Junk Food Before They Put The Stint In You!

Friday night has historically been Pizza night in our house, but once in a while-with just two of us living here, we do what we want! Friday night was a "Munchie Night" with BB-Q chicken wings, mini chicken strips, and sauces- with fresh ear of corn..period! I have to cook my buddy with cancer a swirled cheesecake(raspberry!) and have plans for a decent Sunday dinner- which is common around here!
I see frauds everyday on the Internet, just as I saw frauds in business all my life.. We all "wing it", as our lives have gotten more complicated...admit it! I don't post for approval, and my photos are obliviously not off somebody else's web site... When you come here, you get the Real Deal..I am no poser. I know most of the people I have met in Blogland are real too...but some are not. My way of connecting with people was to communicate honestly.. Be who you are, and show the real people- you will not be sorry!
Good week-end wishes to all my friends!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mini-Meme! Pet Stories..

As most of you know, I created a meme that only has two parts- easy, quick, and fun!
The questions today are...
1. What is the funniest pet story you can tell.
2. What is the second funniest...
I want this to be enjoyable for all, so let's try it!
You may have read my post about how my cat went "for a spin" in the dryer, and how my dog shut her head in the car window by herself, so I'll use two new stories..
My first cat was Hell on wheels, but her name was Daisy.. this was a cat who did not like to go to the vet. One time, back in my suit and tie days, I had to take her to the vet. They always requested you leave the animal in the car until you were signed in..I went back to the car, and the cat was gone! I looked everywhere-no way this beast escaped! In desperation, I even looked in the closed glove box.. she wasn't there, but fur was sticking out from holes in the top of it. She was in the dashboard,on top of the glove box! Got her out(with some difficulty) and brought her into the vet's office, where she promptly peed on me, and my new London Fog coat..Receptionist says; "You must really love that cat"..
Now the dog story.. My first Airedale(of three so far!) was a check list of all the bad things this breed is capable of! Escape Artist, Digger of Ditches, Eater Of Poop, etc.... Once when my kids were young, they left their crayons out in the family room, dog ate the entire 64 pack... Next day, I put her out to do her business, and she takes a crap in Technicolor! The look on her face was funnier than mine...
Love to hear your stories- and if you never had pets, a kid story will work too!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Simple Supper, Scallops and Brown Rice..

Monday was a hectic day, between must and shall.... You all must only imagine the priorities.. I found myself having to get a blood test for the(what seems to to be) the 90th time... The people were competent,and friendly..In the lobby, a toddler came upon me, with a set of car keys in her hand..I asked if she was driving? Mommy said no, like I couldn't figure that out by my self! You lovely women, with toddlers-you have to get out amongst adults more often!
I came home to fix a simple, yet eclectic dish- marinated scallops, with a side of brown rice.. The marinade was simple and fast. You mix good quality soy sauce, fresh lemon juice, crushed garlic, and lemon pepper. Place the cleaned and rinsed scallops into the marinade for 1 hour. Drain most of the marinade off, saute the scallops in butter quickly, until just done- and serve with rice.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Texas Hold'em, Foood, And A Change Of Plans..

Saturday night, The plan was to have dinner with 4 other couples at Cafe' Buff(my house!). The menu was card party food stuff... I had made the cheesecake, made up a hearty pasta salad(spiral colored rotini, green and black olives,sliced, chopped onion, chopped pepperoni, chopped ham, chopped hard cooked eggs, and two kinds of cheese- in an appropriate sauce!), Those plain, but tasty Bisquick sausage cheese balls, deviled eggs, a home made pizza, and munchies...
We had cleaned the house, and were pretty much ready for our guests.. The reason we had done all this, is a dear, old friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer. We thought it would be nice for him to play some cards with us, as four of us had played cards together since ninth grade!
The best laid plans of mice and men... I got a phone call about three hours before we were to start from his wife. They were not going to make it to our house, as my buddy was just feeling too poorly. The chemotherapy he gets every other week is really kicking his butt... We were disappointed, but certainly understood.
The rest of the guests arrived, and we all ate, then husbands and wives all played Texas Hold'em. A good time was had by all, and it broke up around midnight. My wife took 1st and 2nd a lot, and I did OK too!
Sunday is clean-up, and with leftovers- food won't be a problem!
Enjoy your upcoming week, everybody!
P.S.- The last photo is a chicken spaghetti we had Friday night.. I've got a new computer, and I'm still getting used to the features, and how they work!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

First Effort Of My Card Party...

Is that a cheesecake you want to meet, or what? White batter was flavored with vanilla and almond extract, Dark was same, except the addition of baking chocolate and snick more sugar....Swirled through to create a pattern( and I have done better!) the cheesecake is tasty, light, and after drizzled with caramel sauce, is really quite delectable! Cheesecake seems intimidating, until you you learn how easy it is! Spring form pans- thicker metal(aluminum) the better.. basic recipe is half a box of graham cracker crumbs, mixed with 1 stick of softened butter and 1/2 cup of sugar..baked in a spring-form pan for 10 min. at 340F...4-8oz. of cream cheese, 4 eggs, 1/-1/4 cup sugar, 2oz. of flour, and 6oz. of sour cream, mixed until it is smooth. add vanilla and almond extract.. Pour white filling onto crust, then pour chocolate mix into it and design, and bake for an hour at 290F.. Turn off oven and leave cheesecake in oven another 30 min... Top with caramel before serving, and enjoy the compliments!
Oh yeah, the night before, we had skinless chix breast and fresh cob corn..not a photo op moment, but ate great!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Friday Night Fajitas, Sunday Pork Tenderloin

I'm still trying to get back in the groove, but cooking right now is like pulling teeth! I did make a version of a steak fajita that was tasty but a little on the fiery side! I didn't marinade it very long, so I put the flavor into the sauce and got more heat than I needed..
Sunday, I had a couple of pork tenderloins I seasoned and put into a counter top electric rotisserie... I bought the thing used for $11 dollars, and it is easily worth half of that! After battling the unit for an hour, I finished the tenderloins in the oven. Home made mashed potatoes and gravy was a good side today, with banana bread made with dried cranberries for a treat later...
Something I do with gravy may be information you may want to use someday. I don't know if any of you use this trick for gravy, but it usually makes it go with the meat better. Whatever seasonings I used on the meat to flavor it, I add the same spice mixture to the gravy- makes it match in an easy, sensible way!
I hope to regain a bit of my energy for cooking this week, because Saturday the card party and food is at my place! Appetizers! Home made pizza! Dessert! Then guys play cards, and women go to a movie...