Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween !

Candy bought- Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups (and backup York Peppermint Patties in case the kid is allergic to peanut butter!)
Weather- 55 F @ 6am, expected to drop 15 degrees w/wind by dusk.
Costume- Normal-looking suburbanite, except for theatrical quality vampire fangs ( got to remember to get some Poligrip on way home tonight!)
Expected visitors- 60-100.
Security Precautions- None beyond normal. Paintball guns have made eggs, toliet paper, soap and wax obsolete!(I hope!)
Hope you all have a safe, fun time tonight!
I used to run large Halloween Parties for the club I belong to.
I thought I'd list some of the costumes and funny moments for entertainments' sake.
Went as Caesar- Women kept trying to ck out what I was wearing under the toga!(jogging shorts-skimpy though!)
Went as Dracula- slicked my hair straight back ala Bela -people thought I looked better than normal hairdo!
Went as Vampire-Fangs kept falling out(and when they were in, I lisped like the biggest flaming gay in the building-and I was bartending!). On break, went down to Walgreens, went thru checkout as vampire w/Polygrip-and the night clerk didn't make comment one. Who goes into these places at night? I wonder!
Went as a "Parrothead"(Jimmy Buffett fan) Woman yelled "I know what your costume is-You're one of those peckerheads!"
Rest of night, got many compilments on my beak(Nice Pecker!)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Planned Weekend of Nothing!

Did you ever make sure that a weekend had no planned activities? No "Wannas" and no "Gottas"! You may choose small jobs that require little time and no big effort to do, or maybe a spur of the moment "break" like breakfast out, or shopping for a little something you don't need- but want! Every waking moment of our lives does not have to be about acomplishments, or feeling guilty about lack of forward progress. If you ever see me in a Lowes or Home Depot on a weekend, it's because something broke- not because I can't wait for my next project! Enjoy your week end too!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Halloween Rant

Every year, some person or group decides Halloween is from the DEVIL!!! At one time the roots of modern Halloween might have been based on something wicked, but not anymore. It is a time to dress up, be an alter ego, party(kids and adults!) and revel in being scared in an entertaining way. I don't like people who are zealots. They are generally humourless, and if anything is needed in this world we live in, it's more fun and laughter. Large teenage kids yelling Trick or Treat bother you? Laugh when they come to the door and give them a treat! Intimidated by little strangers using extortion to get candy? This is the tradition-please support it as we are losing traditions to the politically correct every day. The key to enjoying any Holiday is to anticipate the fun, not the hassle!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sell My Clothes, I'm Goin To Heaven!

In the short span of a weekend, the Tigers are going to the World Series, U of M ranked No. 2, and the Lions won their first game! This is the equivilent to 5 planets in alignment! On a bummer note, we didn't place in the last chil contest, and last year 4 of 5 awards(We took 1st in White Chili!) went to experienced cooks. They went "local yokel" on us, with no team from anywhere else other than "hometown" won. For some of us with participation in many cook offs, this usually means we don't come back. If these organizers don't want the best , they shouldn't let us in the contest . Oh well, if that's the worst news I got, things ain't so bad!

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Meeting With The President!

Of our company, that is! I work for a corporation that has about 45 locations, and sells about 900+million a year. The last time we had a lengthy talk was the day I was hired-about 6-1/2 yrs ago. They are interviewing random sales folk on various subjects in hopes of improving the situation for both company and us. I was not selected. I was anonomously nomitated to him by either someone who knows my big mouth gets me into trouble every time, or by someone who knew I would be honest in my comments. It lasted 2hrs and was not as bad as I thought it would be! The Pres & V.P. were cordial and listened more than I thought possible. I got a chance to let them know I used to be (with another co.) a person that was consulted regularly and had a more active role in the decision-making process. We will see what happens. As they didn't fire me on the spot, I'm hopeful! It's Friday in Michigan and time to buy my Lotto ticket! I call it retirement plan "B". You wouldn't think matching 6 crappy numbers would be that hard, would you?!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

God, I Hate The First Snowfall!

It comes every year- you think you'd be ready. Nope. Unless you're a little kid, it reminds you of all the sh*t you haven't finished from Summer & Fall. I'm in Sales, drive quite a bit and watching all the amateurs relearn to drive isn't fun. Defensive driving goes to paranoid driving. The permanent puddle on the drivers side begins to form, as you jump in and out of the car with wet, cold shoes.
I know this first snowfall won't stay, but it reminds you what is coming. To all you warm weather bloggers, have a nice day! To all you cold weather bloggers- May God have mercy on your souls!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

BIG Sports Day In Michigan Today!

I have never written about sports on my blog, but I am a fan of two teams- University of Michigan football, and Detroit Tiger baseball! I would add the Lions, but the last time they won a championship, I was 5 and we watched it on a black&white TV! Today a big interstate rivalry-U of M vs Mich St. Also today the Tigers playing the Yankees at Detroit in what could be the next step to the World Series! I have a picture-in-picture TV (which I never use that feature!) and that's good because the games are starting at the same time. My bets are placed, and we'll see what happens! Oh yeah-I do yell at the TV, which scares the sh*t out of the dog.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Morale In The Workplace

Recently, another blogger (Liz with the lit devil horns) remarked on a workplace change in policy that probably resulted in a negative reaction on morale in the workplace. My company has lost some good people recently, because of increased expectations with no reward beyond "You're lucky to work here, things are worse everywhere else" mentality. When it became obvious there will always be alternatives for good workers, top management started asking the departing "What can we do differently?" We will see the result of this imput in the next three months. I am skeptical, but you never know. I do not work in a growth industry, and much of our customer base is gone, lost to overseas competition. We as a company are doing way better than most, but as humans we would like to see a carrot once in awhile!