Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sell My Clothes, I'm Goin To Heaven!

In the short span of a weekend, the Tigers are going to the World Series, U of M ranked No. 2, and the Lions won their first game! This is the equivilent to 5 planets in alignment! On a bummer note, we didn't place in the last chil contest, and last year 4 of 5 awards(We took 1st in White Chili!) went to experienced cooks. They went "local yokel" on us, with no team from anywhere else other than "hometown" won. For some of us with participation in many cook offs, this usually means we don't come back. If these organizers don't want the best , they shouldn't let us in the contest . Oh well, if that's the worst news I got, things ain't so bad!


Lynda said...

Sports again?!

Now chili! That I can understand! lol.

Sorry the organizers are driving you away. I love White Chili though. Glad you won that one!)

Spidey said...

I swear half of those things are rigged.
I don't blame you for not coming back.
I have never heard of white chili?
Once these crazy voices in my head simmer down; I will do a google search on it.

buffalodickdy said...

Buffalo Dicks' Wicked White Chili-
2 cans chix broth
3lbs boneless skinless chix breast
1-1/2lbs sweet Italian sausage
1 large onion, chopped
1 large green bell pepper,chopped
1 10oz can of sweet corn
2 15oz cans of Great Northern white beans
1/2 jar ground jalepeno salsa
1 jar Alfredo sauce
ground cumin, oregano, white pepper to taste.
Cut chix into cubes& saute til cooked
Tear Italian sausage into bite size chunks and saute til done.
Add all ingredients except alfredo and simmer in pot for 1 hr. stir in alfredo and remove from heat. Add extra parmesan cheese or thicken with a water/flour mixture if desired.

Snowelf said...

I've never had white chili. The thought intrigues me...

And holy crap. I can't believe the Lions won that!
No WONDER it snowed--hell is freezing over!



Kayla said...

That's right up there with Pluto being a planet. was demoted.
Yeh, that still ticks me off ;-)

White chili sounds good.
You must be a good cook.

Spidey said...

Hey Buffalo!
Thanks for the recipe.
It sounds delish and like no other chili I have had before.
I am writing it down...
I can't wait to make it.
I will let ya know how it turns out.
So gracious of you to share :)