Thursday, October 12, 2006

God, I Hate The First Snowfall!

It comes every year- you think you'd be ready. Nope. Unless you're a little kid, it reminds you of all the sh*t you haven't finished from Summer & Fall. I'm in Sales, drive quite a bit and watching all the amateurs relearn to drive isn't fun. Defensive driving goes to paranoid driving. The permanent puddle on the drivers side begins to form, as you jump in and out of the car with wet, cold shoes.
I know this first snowfall won't stay, but it reminds you what is coming. To all you warm weather bloggers, have a nice day! To all you cold weather bloggers- May God have mercy on your souls!


Spidey said...

I am so with you on this one. I love the change of seasons in Michigan, but for @#$*#^#^ sake...snow on the 12th of October?!?!
It wasn't even sticking, and people were driving like like a gaggle of freakishly old women laying on their virginal beds.
Get my drift?

Lynda said...

We haven't had snow to the south of you yet. I am sure you are going to send it our way though.

So, in advance I say in a monotone voice: Thanks a lot.

Snowelf said...

Let's all pack up and move south.
I hate winter. Bleech.