Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our Dog- The Airdale Named Clara..

Our current resident Airdale Terrier is Clara (No,we didn't name her that!). She is our third Airdale, but the first we adopted from ATRA. M.O. of Airdales as a breed: Hyperactive, brain size of walnut (sorry to any sentient Walnuts out there), loyal, attention span of the common ferret, size ranging from 55-110lbs., extended adolecence (puppy until about 2-1/2yrs), WILLFUL. These dogs are a load! But the love, and joy of life they can project makes YOU feel younger! We drove 80 miles to look at her, and she was beautiful. The foster mom seemed to want us to take her pretty bad (she'd been in about 6 different homes in 3 yrs.) So we did. We got to know her quirks-guarding food, not liking resident cats, and wanting to kick the ass of any dog bigger than her. She snapped my arm tendon(for real!) while on a walk, trying to go after a dog the size of Godzilla. But as she realized she was really HOME for good, many issues got smaller/better. There are many "diamonds in the rough" in this world-look a little harder and you'll be amazed what you might find.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Craigo' Birthday- My Perspective!

This tale actually starts last spring, when a radio station(listener sponsored) had their semi annual fund drive. A "Day Sponsor" gets to have an announcement read on the hour for 8 hrs. It's tax deductable and affordable, plus I really enjoy listening to a station (WYCE 88.1FM) that doesn't play the same stuff over and over. You can even get them on the internet! Anyway, they screwed up 1st request (Anniversary) so we went with my youngest sons' birthday (8/28/). I noticed about noon they had not done the deal, so I called. Screwed up again-but would do for rest of day, AND give me another date! Listen 9/15 for my wifes' birthday message!
My sons' message went like this;" Happy birthday Craig from Buffalo Dick and the Goob! I am sure you had more fun that day than your Mom did". Later I thought about it, and he did NOT have a good day. They found out at the last minute he had turned and was now planning on coming out feet first(like a paratrooper). The Qu*ck who was our doctor started talking about Gods' Will. I started talking like he'd better have a better plan than that-like maybe a C section? Next thing, we're all in emerency mode, and C section it was. They handed me my son and told me to go sit with him while they finished up. I started counting fingers & toes (all there) when I noticed on his butt cheek there was aBand Aid.Knowing he was not born with this, I peeled it back. When they cut my wife open, they had stabbed him in the ass! Had a scar from that for years. We were so weirded out by that, my wife and I both got fixed!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday Victory!

Simply put, I won the chili cook off today! To be honest, it was a very small group of competitors- but some of the best in the area. The trophy was really cool (we love to win the "iron") and I immediately bought drinks for all the contestants with the prize money. A good day. I don't care who you are, or what you do-winning once in awhile is good feeling. Unless you are Tiger Woods, well, the rest of us have to take turns winning!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Nite Oddities

Our normal friday night usually consists of; Fixing a dinner that will either be exotic or simple (but never health conscious), then going down to a private club we belong to (kind of an upscale Polish hall) and hang out with friends for a few hours and discuss/bitch about our week. BUT NOT TONIGHT! My wife (who is of AARP qualified age) is going to a Bachelorette Party, with a woman a little bit older than her. A co-worker is getting married, so the party should be a mixed bag of ages/color/religions/etc. I will be premaking chili for a contest tomorrow (which isn't normally allowed), and hanging out with my Airdale Clara. She is a real joy to work with in the kitchen, as she weighs about 80lbs and can take up more space laying down than any dog on planet Earth. She also likes to wait for you to step over her before getting up and throwing your balance into chaos. I will also make sure my wife remembers to get a gross/obscene/suggestive gift for the lucky bride-to-be. Oh yeah, and last but not least, I know what i'm doing on my birthday in September-Sponsoring these people to rent the hall I belong to for their reception, which attendance is mandatory for the member. I hope I get to meet them before the wedding (Yeah, right!). Enjoy your weekend- Vent to the world on your Blog!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Golf... My Observations And Participations

Today was an annual golfing by a club I belong to that has nothing to do (officially) with golf. I play in this event mainly because I get to see about 128 members-60 or so of them I know pretty well and like, in a generally amiable contest (4 man scramble format). There is betting. "skins", "closest to the pin", "1st Place", etc. The skill level varies from people who virtually play every day to me-!st time this year. I was a "load" to my team. No practice, out of shape, and generally wishing I was really somewhere else. My car died at the gas station prior to picking up one of my team. Forgot cell phone for the 1st time in years. Arranged tow to shop, got friend to come get me, arrived in cloud of dust(rain actually) just in time to get to tee off.
Thought I was having a crappy day, when my friend of 38yrs tells me HIS bad news. His house was broken into and virtually everything of value (monetary or sentimental) had been taken or destroyed. About 40K worth, in addition to knowing his beautiful home was not immune from this kind of invasion. My problems were not worthy of discussion. We spent our round of golf trying to enjoy a moment with friends, out in fresh (damp,humid) air. EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE-So enjoy your enjoyable moments-reality will be back soon enough.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Painting Life With A Broad Brush

The world, thank God, is made up of many different people, who see things differently. This does result in MISUNDERSTANDINGS. Trying to communicate with people who do not communicate well can create mistrust, animosity, and to cut to the chase- a dislike of you. If someone doesn't get it- They think you are making fun of them. This has always bothered me, as for the most part, I have tried to see anothers' point of view, or at least been forgiving in their lack of understanding. Ignorance can be cured. Stupid is forever. Even if you are not the" sharpest tool in the shed", you still have the choice to be mean-spirited or kind. The same goes for intelligence,you can either help or hurt- but I feel it is your obligation to help. You got a bigger brush to paint with than they did.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Life Is For The Living

The older you get, the more read the obituaries-and the more names you recognize. Friday night, in "Services Pending" I saw that my barber of 40 yrs. had passed away. He had retired about 2 yrs ago, due to a serious health issue, that was to be terminal w/in 2-3 yrs.
The first time he ever cut my hair was easy to remember, as John F. Kennedy was shot that day. I was in elementary school, my Mom did not drive, and a barber shop had opened in the neighborhood that I could walk to. He was a nice guy who always had a drawer of Dum-Dum suckers that you got to pick from when you were done. When I reached that age where I didn't know if I should take one or not, he just said "There was no age when you had to quit".
He cut my hair through school, college, and beyond until he could not cut hair anymore. He probably heard more confessions than any priest or bartender ever did. He was the best listener I ever met, never passing judgement-but sometimes having a gentle comment that left you thinking. Good barber? Not really. Good human being? The best.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Updates And Musings

The casino trip posed a possible scientific experiment- My wife will sit at a .25 cent slot machine betting the max (.75). I will stand on the casinos' steps and light dollar bills. After 15 minutes, we will then compare how much was expended. I am pretty sure I will use less and win!
My son who lives in Mich. is going to visit my other son who live in K.C. MO. He is taking his girlfriend along, who I like, but can be a little divalike when she wants something. (Hope she never wants an Oompa-Loompa, as Wonka will be down one of the little orange guys!). I am sending homemade beef jerky, as requested. What taste reminds you of home? Every area of the world has a special flavor or treat that just can't be duplicated. I am hoping for every Midwestern person out there for a cooler week(tempwise AND luckwise!).