Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Craigo' Birthday- My Perspective!

This tale actually starts last spring, when a radio station(listener sponsored) had their semi annual fund drive. A "Day Sponsor" gets to have an announcement read on the hour for 8 hrs. It's tax deductable and affordable, plus I really enjoy listening to a station (WYCE 88.1FM) that doesn't play the same stuff over and over. You can even get them on the internet! Anyway, they screwed up 1st request (Anniversary) so we went with my youngest sons' birthday (8/28/). I noticed about noon they had not done the deal, so I called. Screwed up again-but would do for rest of day, AND give me another date! Listen 9/15 for my wifes' birthday message!
My sons' message went like this;" Happy birthday Craig from Buffalo Dick and the Goob! I am sure you had more fun that day than your Mom did". Later I thought about it, and he did NOT have a good day. They found out at the last minute he had turned and was now planning on coming out feet first(like a paratrooper). The Qu*ck who was our doctor started talking about Gods' Will. I started talking like he'd better have a better plan than that-like maybe a C section? Next thing, we're all in emerency mode, and C section it was. They handed me my son and told me to go sit with him while they finished up. I started counting fingers & toes (all there) when I noticed on his butt cheek there was aBand Aid.Knowing he was not born with this, I peeled it back. When they cut my wife open, they had stabbed him in the ass! Had a scar from that for years. We were so weirded out by that, my wife and I both got fixed!


Lynda said...

Aw, poor kid. Stabbed in the butt on his birth day. I hope you didn't make that a yearly tradition!

I hope that Qu*ck isn't practicing anymore!

buffalodickdy said...

No, in all honesty, a customer of mine about a year later lost her child at birth. I asked her doctors' name, and guess who it was. We both started to weep.

Lynda said...

Wow, that is really sad. Good thing Craig is ok! Well, except for a scarred butt.