Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Nite Oddities

Our normal friday night usually consists of; Fixing a dinner that will either be exotic or simple (but never health conscious), then going down to a private club we belong to (kind of an upscale Polish hall) and hang out with friends for a few hours and discuss/bitch about our week. BUT NOT TONIGHT! My wife (who is of AARP qualified age) is going to a Bachelorette Party, with a woman a little bit older than her. A co-worker is getting married, so the party should be a mixed bag of ages/color/religions/etc. I will be premaking chili for a contest tomorrow (which isn't normally allowed), and hanging out with my Airdale Clara. She is a real joy to work with in the kitchen, as she weighs about 80lbs and can take up more space laying down than any dog on planet Earth. She also likes to wait for you to step over her before getting up and throwing your balance into chaos. I will also make sure my wife remembers to get a gross/obscene/suggestive gift for the lucky bride-to-be. Oh yeah, and last but not least, I know what i'm doing on my birthday in September-Sponsoring these people to rent the hall I belong to for their reception, which attendance is mandatory for the member. I hope I get to meet them before the wedding (Yeah, right!). Enjoy your weekend- Vent to the world on your Blog!


Lynda said...

Nikki is 80 lbs of space also. If I need to go to the oven, she is sitting in the way. She moves to the next place I need to be. I think she does it on purpose.

At least she knows better than to stand up. Lately, she has made me nervous by getting her nose to close to the oven. A mistake she would hopefully only make once, if for some reason I can't prevent it.

How did your wife like the party?

buffalodickdy said...

It was poorly organized, and kind of lame, but we tend to allow for the fact that not everyone is a Cruise Director! The bride to be was happy, and that's enough!

Lynda said...

Well, as long as the bride to be was happy.... :)