Saturday, August 19, 2006

Golf... My Observations And Participations

Today was an annual golfing by a club I belong to that has nothing to do (officially) with golf. I play in this event mainly because I get to see about 128 members-60 or so of them I know pretty well and like, in a generally amiable contest (4 man scramble format). There is betting. "skins", "closest to the pin", "1st Place", etc. The skill level varies from people who virtually play every day to me-!st time this year. I was a "load" to my team. No practice, out of shape, and generally wishing I was really somewhere else. My car died at the gas station prior to picking up one of my team. Forgot cell phone for the 1st time in years. Arranged tow to shop, got friend to come get me, arrived in cloud of dust(rain actually) just in time to get to tee off.
Thought I was having a crappy day, when my friend of 38yrs tells me HIS bad news. His house was broken into and virtually everything of value (monetary or sentimental) had been taken or destroyed. About 40K worth, in addition to knowing his beautiful home was not immune from this kind of invasion. My problems were not worthy of discussion. We spent our round of golf trying to enjoy a moment with friends, out in fresh (damp,humid) air. EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE-So enjoy your enjoyable moments-reality will be back soon enough.

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