Monday, August 07, 2006

Updates And Musings

The casino trip posed a possible scientific experiment- My wife will sit at a .25 cent slot machine betting the max (.75). I will stand on the casinos' steps and light dollar bills. After 15 minutes, we will then compare how much was expended. I am pretty sure I will use less and win!
My son who lives in Mich. is going to visit my other son who live in K.C. MO. He is taking his girlfriend along, who I like, but can be a little divalike when she wants something. (Hope she never wants an Oompa-Loompa, as Wonka will be down one of the little orange guys!). I am sending homemade beef jerky, as requested. What taste reminds you of home? Every area of the world has a special flavor or treat that just can't be duplicated. I am hoping for every Midwestern person out there for a cooler week(tempwise AND luckwise!).

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