Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Painting Life With A Broad Brush

The world, thank God, is made up of many different people, who see things differently. This does result in MISUNDERSTANDINGS. Trying to communicate with people who do not communicate well can create mistrust, animosity, and to cut to the chase- a dislike of you. If someone doesn't get it- They think you are making fun of them. This has always bothered me, as for the most part, I have tried to see anothers' point of view, or at least been forgiving in their lack of understanding. Ignorance can be cured. Stupid is forever. Even if you are not the" sharpest tool in the shed", you still have the choice to be mean-spirited or kind. The same goes for intelligence,you can either help or hurt- but I feel it is your obligation to help. You got a bigger brush to paint with than they did.

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