Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our Dog- The Airdale Named Clara..

Our current resident Airdale Terrier is Clara (No,we didn't name her that!). She is our third Airdale, but the first we adopted from ATRA. M.O. of Airdales as a breed: Hyperactive, brain size of walnut (sorry to any sentient Walnuts out there), loyal, attention span of the common ferret, size ranging from 55-110lbs., extended adolecence (puppy until about 2-1/2yrs), WILLFUL. These dogs are a load! But the love, and joy of life they can project makes YOU feel younger! We drove 80 miles to look at her, and she was beautiful. The foster mom seemed to want us to take her pretty bad (she'd been in about 6 different homes in 3 yrs.) So we did. We got to know her quirks-guarding food, not liking resident cats, and wanting to kick the ass of any dog bigger than her. She snapped my arm tendon(for real!) while on a walk, trying to go after a dog the size of Godzilla. But as she realized she was really HOME for good, many issues got smaller/better. There are many "diamonds in the rough" in this world-look a little harder and you'll be amazed what you might find.


Lynda said...

Some people don't give dogs the chance they need.

The first time we took Nikki in the car, she had the most heartbroken look like, "Dang. This family didn't work out for me either." Now she loves the car!

keeks said...

Thanks for stoppiing by my blog... I tend to write a lot about Lewis, he's just such a wealth of material. Sounds like Clara and he would get themselves into a lot of trouble together :)