Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cell Phones- Technology Marches Forward

Today I had to pickup a new cell phone. I had close to 12,000 calls on the old one, and under the plan I'm on had a new one coming free. I have dealt with this Verizon branch for about 10yrs, and everytime I go in there it's bigger, with more staff. I was greeted by two young people who literally blocked my way. "What do you need today,sir?" "A loaf of bread-which isle is it in?" Then I was put in front of a touch screen to load my own ID into it while they watched. I pointed out I did not need them, as I know the drill on how to get a new phone. The real sales person came over, and everything went fine after that. You will never go into these places and say "same phone as before" as they are obsoleted w/in 18 months. I got a phone that does at least 70 things I will never use, and that was a rather base model! I can actually check my E-mails on the phone, which is pretty cool! They downloaded all my customer contacts into the new phone for 10 bucks, saving me 4 hrs of loading time by hand.
As my previous entry said-I'm just trying to keep up!


Lynda said...

My contract expired in November. A few months before Verizon tried to lock me into another two year plan because it would be cheaper in the long run.

We may go to Cingular because my parents are on that plan. Not sure yet.

pinknest said...

ugh, i despise going to the verizon store every time i need to.