Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ramblings Of An Amateur Cook-Buffalo Dick.....

A short critique of Celebrity Chefs;
Rachael Ray- Has never eaten anything she didn't like! Messy cook, but a great smile and personality!

Emeril- Great cook, nasty accent and cornball presentation.

Bobby Flay- Cocky but likable, probably doesn't cook all that much anymore.

Paula Dean- Most annoying. Even if you're down South, you don't have to say "Ya'll" every other sentence!

Some the best cooks in the world don't have TV shows, probably because they're busy cooking!

To name a few- Paul Kirk (Baron of BB-Q)Get his books!
Steve Raichlen-Same advice!
Taste of Home- A magazine featuring recipes from good home style cooks from all over the country. Skip magazine- Once a year they combine them all into 1 cookbook(buy that instead!)

Today, I plan to put 5lbs of beef strips(marinated) into the dehydrator and make about 2-1/2 lbs of jerky for Deer Camp. I also will be smoking 2 bone-in turkey breasts that have been brined and injected- for about 7 hrs. New smoker-wish me luck!


Spidey said...

That was a pretty accurate critique except you forgot to mention how annoying Rachel Ray is...hahaa!
She is also a LOUSY tipper--so two thumbs down for her in my book.

I love homemade jerky. I am still kicking myself in the butt for selling my excalibur dehydrator on ebay last year.

How did the turkey turn out??

Sounds delish...yummerzzz!!

When are you leaving for deer camp?

I didn't run off with the biker. Although I did consider it :)
I am just hanging low around here.

I will be back in full force shortly.

Kayla said...

Have you heard of the New Orleans guy? I can't think of his name, but he's an older man (65?), dresses in jeans and suspenders?

Your homeade jerky sounds delicious.
Good luck with the new smoker!

buffalodickdy said...

Kayla-I think you mean Paul Prudhomme( K-Paul) Good chef, nice guy.

Spidey- I'm pretty sure a woman eating by herself(surrounded by a camera crew you never see!)hosting a show on how to eat on $40 a day, does her real tipping off camera(I hope!)The joints she eats at probably doubles their business w/in the next year of the shows' airing!

Lynda said...

I love to cook. I just hate the cleaning part that goes along with it!

Amy said...

Rachael Ray- My son's like "She must have trouble pooping." I asked why and he says "cuz she puts cheese in EVERYTHING!!!"

Emeril- He gave this restaurant in Washington DC like 5 stars or something. I ate there and it was the worst meal I'd ever had. That's very

Bobby Flay- I'd do him. :oP

Paula Dean- I'd never weigh under 200 lbs if I ate her food. She's also a contender for my current title of "Queen of TMI". :o)

Greg Mathers said...

For the jerky Lovers out there go to JD Opportunity