Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Anonymous "Neighbor" Rant

I am mildly-to-medium pissed at a so-called neighbor of mine. Yesterday, we recieved a letter from the Towmship we live in. The content of the letter was polite (as my wife is friends w/the big cheese!)but told us we were complained on for a barking dog.
1. We have lived here longer than anyone else, and have had a barking dog(all Airdales) in this house for 25yrs.
2. We have never had a complaint against us in the entire time we've lived here.
3. There is only one person where we live that doesn't have a dog, so guess who might have complained?
4. We let my dog out in the morning when she barks to go-I'm not going to make an animal wait until there's an accident on the carpet!
5. A real neighbor would have just come over and told me his problem.
People who avoid working together and communicating with others hold back progress to a better world. A guy like this ends up with more grief than he thought he had in the first place!
I am a loyal friend-but can be a determined assho*e when necessary. We will do our best not to leave the dog out past "doody time", but if there were more dogs watching the neighborhoods, there might be less crime.


Snowelf said...

My parents had this happen with their neighbors too and the police came with a "warning".
I think this is just one more time when people need to freakin' just lighten up already!
I am not really a dog person per se, but I repect people's right to have them and I certainly think that they are wonderful pets. I also am fully aware that dogs are going to bark the same way kids are going to cry and have tantrums. It's just something in life you may not always like, but a little tolerance goes a long way.


Spidey said...

I would light bags of dog crap on fire on their porch, ring the doorbell and run away. Seriously.

Kayla said...

I kinda like Spidey's idea..haha
Only a dogless ass*ole would complain to the big cheese.

Lynda said...

Is he a new neighbor? The dog was there first. LOL

Seriously, I don't know why people complain, unless your dog was constantly barking. I could see a problem there.

I constantly worry Nikki is going to get a complaint. She goes out late for her last outing, and she barks at her shadow or something.

buffalodickdy said...

To All- The dog barks. BIG Bark! But we don't leave her out a total of 10-15 minutes! She's a great dog, adopted out of Airdale Rescue and loves it here. This person does not know how much I care for this animal. He had better not want to find out!

pinknest said...

"I am a loyal friend-but can be a determined assho*e"

i love this phrase!! lol!

Finn said...

Why don't people have the guts to handle things face to face? I mean, really.

Thanks for stopping by place - please come again. Especially if you're going to keep saying nice things to me!