Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to Jet Packs!

If you get a chance today, try and wish Jet Packs a Happy Birthday! He is the reason I have a blog at all. You see, Jet Packs is my son, and I wished to have an opportunity to read his writings(which can be pretty good!)and have a little more communication with him-as he does not live close by! Right now he's got kind of a neat video worth watching, that combines music, science, and propane! Thanks!


Amy said...

I thought you were seriously into Jet Packs. Cuz jet packs in general are awesome. LOL!

Lynda said...

Do both your sons have a blog? I think I visited Jet Packs once before otherwise.

I hope he didn't get stabbed in the butt when he was born too!

Kayla said...

Jet Packs is a cool blog!
What a great video...and he's easy on the eyes too
(sorry dad)

buffalodickdy said...

Amy- Nope- just my eldest sons' alter ego blog!
Lynda-Nope- youngest son(the stabbed one) not a blogger!
Kyla- He is single, makes good money, and likes intelligent women! Also, you both like photography! I got him a good sized Pelican photo case for his stuff as a birthday present.