Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mini-Meme Time! You Know The Drill..

Every so often, I like to throw out a couple of questions people seem to enjoy answering! It gives them a chance to say something, without making a whole post about it.. This might not include everyone today, because it is about Marriage!
The questions today are:
1. What was your best memory about your Wedding day?
2. What was the weirdest thing that happened on that day. or your honeymoon?
I generally go first, as it gives the uninitiated or timid a clue as what to do...
I was married at a fairly young age,(20!) and my bride was 19.. We, because of inexperience in these things, went along with almost every suggestion that was given!
The best memory of that day was that I firmly believed in what I was doing, there was never any doubt I was doing what destiny had laid out for me. That, and the incredible sex that followed that night!
The worst memory was getting to that bed... We had decided an Up North week-end honeymoon was in order! First night, driving to Manistee MI I found out my wife did not( and cannot!) to this day- read a map.. We finally found the motel, with a note on the door saying, "Key's in the door of 23, have fun.." We Did!
Next day, champange hangover, we headed to St. Ignace, to our next bed.. strike that- room.. My wife had gotten the key, we went up, got our stuff unpacked and attacked each other again.. I awoke to someone trying to get in our room.. The chain was across the door, which was the only thing that stopped Billy Tourist and his whole family walking in on us naked, with sheets up around our necks wondering WTF! Turns out we were in the wrong room, with a pass key that worked in every lock in the joint! My bride had gotten us in the wrong room... This was only a taste of the things she would to to me over the next 35 years..
Your turn kiddies!


Maddy said...

Eek! I'm not doing this one, not for all the tea in China. I suspect your wife and I are related [possibly by blood!]

Maddy said...

p.s. nor all the coffee in Brazil [have to be even handed about these things] or is that just 'nuts.'

Tanya Kristine said...

whoa nice...i never been walked in on, thank god. and i've never been married so i cannot participate. you THINK that's bad, but it's not.

Urban Vegan said...

Funny story! I love your mini-memes.

Best memory: we eloped and had a totally personal, DIY wedding. I loved walking barefoot on the beach with my new husband in my wedding gown. We have some pretty amazing photos, many of which, we had to rely on the kindness of strangers for

Weirdest honeymoon happening: Right after the wedding, we just spent a mini-honeymoon weekend in Ocean City, MD. We postponed our real honeymoon for a few months. We then used much of the $$ that we saved (by not having a lavish wedding) to spend 3 weeks in Europe -and we used the rest of the $$ as a down payment for our first house. I think just separating the wedding and real honeymoon was weird enough.

Akelamalu said...

Does Mrs. Buffalodickdy know you told us all the intimate secrets of your honeymoon? ;)

The best thing about my wedding day was marrying the man I had loved since I was 14!

The funniest thing that happened was my 2year old son asking the registrar where he had to write his name on the register!

a hater of Joe said...
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Dana said...

Just stopping by to let you know that I really enjoy your mini-meme's buff, but this one is just too difficult for me to participate in right now. I'm sure you understand *wink*

Anndi said...

That was absolutely hysterical!

Best moment... dancing with my then husband with all our loved ones each holding a lit candle in a circle around us.

Worst moment... the marathon photography session that kept me from enjoying the hors d'oeuvres (I was HUNGRY!).

We're no longer together, but he's still my friend. That would be the best thing about our relationship.

buffalodickdy said...

maddy- I know you've a story to tell, but truth be told, Frau Buff ain't happy with this disclosure!
tanya- It was classic.. right out of a movie script!
UrbanV- You, in a wedding gown, barefoot.. I can see it, in my mind's eye clearly..
Ake- I knew you would come thru with a romantic, yet humour-filled comment!
Dana- Gotcha... Thanks for sayin' hi..
anndi- You are one grounded human female! Even when things go bad, you still remember, and know- they weren't always that way..

Lanny said...
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Michelle Ann said...

Best Memory-we eloped to Lake Tahoe and my husband surprised me with a photographer. So our pictures actually looked like a real wedding.

Weirdest thing-when we went to get our license, there was this 15 year old girl (I snooped on her application)and her soon to be husband getting authorization from the parents. I almost thought I was down south...and I started to look around for a shotgun!

Jeff B said...

Best- Standing at the altar knowing that the woman I loved had just said, "I do" The ceremony was actually a great time for Lisa and I to focus on each other. We'd done a lot of the preparations and coordination ourselves, so it was nice to have all that behind us and be able to enjoy the day.

Funky- The honeymoon. An uncle let us use his condo in Baja to stay in for the week. We'd seen pictures. It was beautiful, right on the beach lots of room and the price was just right for our limited The problem. After driving for two days to get there, we arrived to find that a water pipe had broken about a three weeks earlier and without anybody there it had flooded the place and started to grow mold on everything. After a couple of hours of talking with the management there with my three words of Spanish that I knew, we were able to get a hold of my uncle and between them, they put us up in another condo. A trip we'll never forget!

Romi said...

Great Story!

Best thing...just knowing that I married the right guy and being very happy that he was my husband.

Weird thing(s)...
My husband dropped all the contents of my suitcase in the parking lot without realizing it in his haste to get to the hotel room. We didn't realize this until it was too late and someone had taken everything when he went back to get it. I swear he did that on purpose so we couldn't leave the room. Wearing a wedding dress for a week was not an option.

The minister tried to marry my sister and her boyfriend. He thought my husband and I were too young to marry.

buffalodickdy said...

michelle- Boy I thought I was young when I got married...
jeff- Not the kind of surprise you want on your honeymoon!
Romi- That's pretty funny now, but I bet it wasn't then..

TavoLini said...

hahaha--good story!

We haven't taken the marriage step, yet--but I'll get back to you on this one next year ;)

snowelf said...


Best thing...because honestly, there isn't a lot, but I'll get it right next time ;) I looked absolutely the most gorgeous I ever have in my life, and all of my best friends in the world were with me. Oh, and also I got to ride in a limo for the first time. That was cool. :)

Weirdest thing? My husband got really pissed off during the reception and snuck off to call ten of the people who didn't come to our wedding to yell at them for not coming. Romantic, right?

Really...doing it better next time.


Mona said...

O dear Buf! My wedding day was a nightmare! It was freaking hot that day (48 degrees centigrade( now calculate that in F)) and I was suffering a high temperature> Everything went on in a haze & I did not even eat the whole day! The Photographer lost his camera along with more than half of my wedding photos & by the end of the day I fainted!

I had my first 'argument' with my husband on my honeymoon :)

Sornie said...

Our honeymoon adventure had to be while becoming better acquainted, the maid knocks on the door, I yell out sleeping but apparently a Japanese maid does not understand English very well. Should have really locked that door after our trip out to the ocean.

g-man said...

The best thing about it was the food!
I catered it mostly myself!!

buffalodickdy said...

Tav- Well, it sure looks like you'll make a grat married couple!
Snow- I know next time will be the charm..
mona- Weddings can be stressful! Honeymoons can be too!
sornie- Another walk in story like mine!
g-man- I was so young, I really hadn't learned to cook much at all!

doggybloggy said...

which time? I have always lived with my girlfriends and as a result my family acts like I have been married several times.....when the reality is only twice...LOL

SignGurl said...

What a sweet story!!

My best memory of our wedding day was having a male friend whisper in my ear that 80% of newlyweds don't consumate the marriage on the wedding night. He told me not to be a statistic.

Weirdest thing that happened on our honeymoon was that my ribs were bruised due to the corset I wore. I was literally unable to even get myself out of bed. Mr. Sign had to lift me up while I screamed. I'm sure the neighbors (in Aruba) thought they were screams of passion.

buffalodickdy said...

DogB- You Dawg!
sign G- I bet you lift easily now with all that weight loss! Again, Good for you!!

Helene (aka Kate) said...

I have only been walked in on once... and it wasnt pretty! It was before I was married and by my future brother in law... in his bed!!! We were house sitting while he was out at sea in the Navy... only he came home early! lol...ok so i wasnt laughing then! =] Its funny, we NEVER ever talked about it. Even now.

buffalodickdy said...

Kate- It was about a year before we ever told that story to anyone!

Lulda Casadaga said...

Best memory: It was a gorgeous day and despite the fact that my hair & boobs were looking a bit on the Dolly Parton side, I thought I was looking goood! My friend chauffered us in his old Roll Royce and we stopped before getting to the reception and had a toast of the blazzing sunlight.

Some little negative details:
1/My fake fingernail was about to pop off at the alter...I was half listening to the preacher!

2/My cousin's son did not want to walk up the aisle with my ring pillow..:D

3/After ceremony we were rushed to sign some bloody papers and did not get enough family pics.

4/Someone forgot my BUBBLES!!

5/At the reception hall..half way thru...I noticed the stupid flourescent lites were on...I wanted all candle lite..dim...

6/My brother-in-law insisted that we all continue the party over his house...I was sooo tired and just wanted to hit the hot tub...that was in our room...but went along to the party.

ps..this was my 2nd time around..I found my true love...finally!