Tuesday, September 05, 2006

If You Live Long Enough..Never Say Never!

My youngest son has been driving a POS car on its' last legs(tires). We told him when it died, we would sell him my wifes' car at a really low price. This was fueled by two desires on my wifes part- helping her kid AND getting a new car! FLASHBACK (20+ yrs) We were making fun of everybody our age with kids that ran out and bought a minivan. Every little league, soccer match,etc. were packed with these boxy underpowered vehicles, plastered with bumper stickers proclaiming "My kid was student of the month at BlahBlah Elementary" or whatever cause/group they made the poor kid belong to. Being an obtuse human being, I swore you would never see me in one of those yard ape haulers. FASTFORWARD TO PRESENT DAY- The world changed. The soccer moms went to SUVs that cost 3 times a minivan. The damn bumper stickers have gotten classier(but still annoying). And the minivans got cooler. After much research and a little shopping, the empty nesters bought a minivan! The current incentives, coupled with the fact that these transports are so flexible, economical, and really kind of fun to drive- sold us on what I swore I would never be seen in. Lesson of the day-DON'T SAY NEVER!!


Spidey said...

That is one lesson I have learned also!

I used to laugh and say the same thing about soccer moms....until I became one and was forced to eat my words :)

Amy said...

Forget the vans and SUV's...I just want a compact car that gets like 100 miles to the gallon.

Maybe I should become Amish and go back to the horse-n-buggy days.