Sunday, June 11, 2006

Humor-The Disease, The Cure.

Humor. Is it a problem in your life, or does it cure what ails you? I have always valued my sense of humor, but not everyone has shared my point of view on this. My employers do not think saying something clever is required at business meetings (Imagine a large fart during the church service- funnier than all get out, but nobody laughing!). My family tends to tell jokes at somber,not funny times as a way of relieving tension. It is our way, we cannot explain it either. Do you feel better after a good laugh, or worse? Do you feel more comfortable in formal situations after a little joke, or more ill at ease? Find out that life is about moments-and when told to each other as a funny story lightens the day for them as well as you!
In families, more often than not, it is the humorous tales that get retold again and again, and not the grim events that come upon all of us. Laugh today with a relative about a funny shared memory-you will not be sorry!

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Lynda said...

I think a good laugh can fix many things.