Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You Don't Have To Be Smart To Be In Charge

I have worked long enough to understand a couple of GREAT TRUTHS-- You will not always work for a person who has more gray matter upstairs than you do. The other GREAT TRUTH is that life isn't fair, and I hope you never thought it was. That being said, remember also "knowledge is power"!Merlin always was the power behind Arthurs' throne! As long as they need your knowledge, they probably will need you. I work for people who work far harder than they have to because it is their comfort zone. If they stood two feet back from the tree, the forest would appear. While you are reporting, you are not producing. While you are "meeting" you are producing. Once I saw a photo of two hippos mouth to mouth, lips touching(wide open!) Caption said "After all is said and done, there is alot more said than done".


Sport Blog said...

Hey, good stuff. Thanks for your post!

Lynda said...

Kind of like the pointy haired boss in Dilbert. He isn't so bright. :)

Still, it makes you wonder how they got to their position in life.

I already knew life wasn't fair, though. A point especially brought home to me last October with the death of my 25 year old sister.

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