Friday, June 23, 2006

Skip Headline- Read Article!

Headlines have more to do in raising your blood pressure than anything the article could say. It's like the lure, with the hook attached-gotcha! I am as guilty as anyone who reads this for the scars in my upper lip from this! It's sad that great newspapers have learned this from the Enquirer, Star, and all the other tabloids. I long for a good, responsible news source who still has integrity, and knows there are still literate people who would appreciate it. The title of my blog says it all!


Lynda said...

That is so true!

Space Cadet 'R' said...

In general it feels like so many media outlets are digging their heels into the dirt of some preferred political slant, relying on sound bites, and failing to cover even the 5 'W's of journalism (FOX favoring just one 'W'). While there is a relatively overt left bias to NPR, I would suggest that you try it out for their "Morning Edition" or their "All Things Considered" new shows. Both should usually occur during your morning and evening commutes. They provide a depth in coverage of modern events where so many others are lacking. It's definitely not spoon-fed.