Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time For Another Mini-Meme! Past, Present, Future..

As I grow older, I have been pondering the changes age does to you. When young, I had a hard time understanding why older people acted older when they got older(follow all that?).. I figured I would never see life from an old fart point of view! Well, age changes your values, your goals, and sadly some dreams you may have had of the future, will not ever materialize... Good things happen, to all of us- appreciate them! Bad things happen to us all, too- learn from them, and have empathy for others when bad times come their way..
The Mini-Meme today:
1. Who do you think you were? (What were you growing up?)
2. You do you think you are today?(What do you think you are now?)
3. Who do you think you will be? (What do you want to accomplish before you die?)
I'll go first- 1. A smart, active kid- an over-achiever, who always wanted to win or excel.
2. A person who has done a decent job of succeeding in my career of 35 yrs., but is a little burned out mentally and physically. A family man whose family grew up. Not a Grampa yet- maybe never...
3. A person that will never retire, but will do many other things less lucrative than current career. Will never stop learning, or teaching if anyone is willing to listen..
Looking forward to your answers!


Roger said...

A stoner-underpays worker-In charge of Cuba (Cuba will be like the Humphrey Bogart days)

doggybloggy said...

lets see:

1) active, athletic, leader type

2) aging, intuitive, teacher

3) author, guru

Bina said...

1. Who do you think you were? (What were you growing up?)

I don't how to put this without sounding pitiful. I was an abused, unloved child, and only wanted someone to care. Beth was that person. Without her, I would have never made it.

2. Who do you think you are today?(What do you think you are now?)
I'm a wonderful, caring, loving person, mother and wife. I have great compassion for all people. I'm self-confident, have a great job that pays well, and I wouldn't trade my life for anything.

3. Who do you think you will be? (What do you want to accomplish before you die?)

I'm going to be a great grandmother, mother and wife and retire from this job, travel and see America, and try to do what I can to help those who need it.

Dana said...

1. An imaginative, athletic, smart but lonely child who wanted too much to be liked.

2. An imaginative, athletic, smart but lonely woman who wants too much to be liked (are we seeing a pattern here?)

3. An imaginative, athletic, smart and social woman who knows that being liked is highly over-rated - being respected for strength od character and commitment is far more important!

Real Live Lesbian said...

You never know on the Grampa thing. My parents "adopted" two kids that moved in next door and are now grandparents. They are thrilled.

Ya just never know WHO will give you your grandchildren!

Akelamalu said...

1. I thought I was a star in the making - how wrong can you be?

2. I'm a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, friend - a nice person (or so I'm told).

3. I want to see all my grandchildren grow up and be happy. I'll have to live forever!

Loved your answers Buff.

MarmiteToasty said...

Can I come back to this in the morning, as I dead beat on me feet to think proper lol


Odat said...

I was a younger sister..encouraged to play pranks by older brother..had two loving parents....was athletic, then hippie who then went to school and started a lifelong career. I'm still a hippie at heart, burned out at work, caretaker of Mom, hopefully a good friend. Altho my dreams of becoming a rock star may be over I still hope I'll become famous before I die...(in a good way lol).

buffalodickdy said...

roger- That would be fun!
dogb- I can relate!
bina- Sorry about the childhood, but it seem to have helped you build great character and worthy values in spite of it!
dana- Well said!
R.L.L.- Oh, we steal our nieces kids once in awhile...
Ake- Happy realities start as hopes and dreams...
marmy- You bet!
odat- We're through the aging parent care, but I know what that's like... Far as I'm concerned, you already are famous- with us bloggers!

In_spired said...

1. Academically: top of my class; Quiet and non-aggressive; a pleaser to all.

2. Successful in my teaching career; raising a family and being a helpmate to Hubs; grand mother of 5; hopefully will be a great- gm in the next year or two; made many mistakes but eventually learned from them! (I still learn everyday)

3. If God allows me to have continued good health and a reasonably good mind, I hope to continue being active in my community through volunteerism. (also blogging!!) Before I die, I would like it to be said of me..."She made a difference".

HAR said...

This post is going to hurt. :)

1. I was sweet and loving . Always smiling and smart. Took all advanced classes in school but had a troubled childhood. Began to rebel. Had many friends.

2. WOW. Working on becoming who I want to be. Made many mistakes and am trying to take back the control. Not even close to my potential. A tad beaten up for my 41 years. Many regrets.

3. Secure, confident, role model for my girls. Healthy. Happy and THIN! :)

Urban Vegan said...

Thanks for causing us all to self reflect!

1. Precocious, creative, overly curious, escapist because of some situations in my home life
2. Independent, creative, educated, well-traveled, always reinventing myself and never settling for the status quo--I know I'vw come a long way from living in a row house in a poor coal mining town--btu I know I still have a long way to go...
3. Hopefully, living in another country with my husband, surrounded by animals and a sense of tranquility; giving more than receiving

buffalodickdy said...

in_spired- You've already made a difference, and will continue to- I know it!
har- Nobody gets through life without a little sh*t on their shoes! The key is that you see your future getting brighter!
UrbanV- I hope you never lost that soft accent! Questing minds will always quest- it's when they're happiest! Kind hearts are always warmest when they are giving something...

Queenie said...

1,Although I had lots of friends and family that loved me, I always felt I needed to do more to be worthy of their love and friendship. I think maybe the death of my father when I was young, made me very aware of how mortal we all are, so I needed to let them know.

2, Very frustrated at how I am at the moment, but like number one, despite this I still have wonderful friends and family, and wish I could do more, to show them my appreciation and how much I love them.
I am a good listener and will make time for others. Knowing the limitations of my goals now, I value so much more what I have.

3,I want to be fit and healthy again.
Then rediscover my career and be successful at whatever it is I do. Make sure that my friends and family are OK, and remember to tell them how much I love them. Maybe my son will make me a grandma, and I want to be one of the best, and hopefully not a boring old fart!!!1

buffalodickdy said...

Queenie-The weaving strand you cast, shows me of a caring, grateful person, who wants to give more- but must take care of herself first- so that she can go forth and help people more... How beautiful! A thing you must do- On your blog, please put up an image that representents you and your giving nature better than that cold-looking queen! That is not who represents your warmth of heart as well as is should be shown!

Annie said...

I knew you were smart. That has been evident to me from the first meeting. I see you are a teacher too and maybe even about my age.

Now as for me:

Who do you think you were?

I wanted to be a secretary, a boss, a teacher. I was all three. I liked the teaching best of all.

2. You do you think you are today?

Now I am a contented person who likes to spend the morning in pajamas drinking coffee and knitting and watching political news on C-Span.

3. Who do you think you will be?

I think I will be more and more adventuresome, going here and there to see new places and meet new people, learn new things.

Queenie said...

Buff you must realise, this is her protection. I'm not a crab (cancer), a scorpion (a softer shell) is my sign, but this hard ugly looking exterior stops the world crushing the soft interior. Which could easily make us extinct!!!!!
You are a wise man and saw through this screen, but I hope you don't mind if I keep my armour, at least for a while.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you know,now that I opened the comment box I forgot what I was going to say.

Old age bites!

If I remember I will answer your meme on my blog.

doggybloggy said...

wow wee I wish I could change my answers for some of the answers I read here.

buffalodickdy said...

annie- The fact that you like to take photos(good ones!)tells me you like to observe humans, their works, and their general behavior. You have much to teach- I hope you have listeners!
That you are contented right now, tells me you have an inner peace that is enviable! The fact that you wish to see more of life, tells me you want to understand more before you leave Earth... and share it..
Queenie- Wear it as long as you wish, but not on my account... ;)
Preprop- You'd better! I count on you for honesty and a good laugh!

MarmiteToasty said...


1. I was strong minded, witty, life loving...and a surviver.... I just wanted to survive childhood..

2. I AM strong, loving, caring, compassionate, I am muvver earth... love laughing, music and I live with hope.. I have a deep soul..

3. I will always be strong, and all the above.. I will always be ME... just older, wiser and always with hope for whats to come..

Bollicks, right? lol


In_spired said...

I just had to come back and read some of the other comments. This has turned out to be one of your best posts as far as your readers interactions. Each comment could be a story in itself! What a great bunch of readers you have!!

Have a good day!

Casdok said...

Its been interesting to read the comments. I must now put my thinking cap on.
Great post!

buffalodickdy said...

DogB- It really struck a cord, didn't it? Everyone has written honestly and beautifully...
marmy- I've always kind of picked up on the fact that you've had a bit of a "hard knock" life, but your ability to overcome this and have enjoyable moments tells me much! I know you're as crazy as I am, but everyone should envy your perspective on life..
in_spired- I agree! What a great bunch of talented humans I've gotten to know better!
casdok- I expect you back, love to hear your answers!

MarmiteToasty said...

Well, without the 'hard knocks' I probably wouldnt be the person I am :).... well, I would be the same soul... but not the 'well ard' sort of 'get on with shit' person :) - but ya scratch me surface and Im as soft as toffee lol .... and hey.... fanks :), just fanks...


Mona said...

This is a great post & the comments are very interesting too!

Buf! Once my mother took away the toffees from us that she thought we were consuming way too many! I always thought I would grow up to make enough money top buy a roomful of those same toffees. I made money, but lost the interest to buy the sweets! :D

In My childhood That was the very question I used to ask myself. Who am I. I am still asking it:)
My words are still, I feel weightless, as my life...
I am still trying to figure them both...

I was always a very inquisitive child. Artistically inclined, & was an amalgam of complexities then too. I was both temperamental & loving, stubborn & impulsive & was always a rebel of sorts. Ever since my childhood I have been spiritually inclined and probing about the mysteries of Life.I was never afraid to take risks & had my mother alarmed about me all the while!

Today I am well settled, and a lot to be thankful for. I have no regrets whatsoever and looking back I see I have lived a very uniquely rich life, the experiences of which I would love to share with the world in a book I would write. My life has taught me to make my own path as I move and to make as many mistakes as possible ( because that is the only way you will learn what is right) but never to repeat the same mistakes again

For my future I see great things coming. I want to write & publish a book. Be a spiritual teacher & like you, I want to keep learning. In fact i feel we all keep learning till our very lat breath. Even in dying we learn about what death is about.

Leighann said...

Would it be cheating if I said I used to be Wonder Woman, I still am Wonder Woman, and I'll always be Wonder Woman??


buffalodickdy said...

marmy- You're very welcome, and always wishing you the best!
Mona- I was hoping you'd stop by and comment! It sounds like your life has been great, but you still wonder about the unknowns... I think you have a good plan for your future, and I hope I'm still reading about you for a long time to come!
leighann- Yes- it would! But if you say it's really true, I'll have to believe you...

snowelf said...

Hi ya UncleBuff :)

1. Who do you think you were? (What were you growing up?)

I was shy, timid, a loner and a people pleaser with an incredible imagination.

2. You do you think you are today?(What do you think you are now?)

Today I am a generally nice person who has super smart life skillz because I learned everything the hard way. I'm independent, determined, and much more confident in myself.

3. Who do you think you will be? (What do you want to accomplish before you die?)

I think I will be someone who loves to travel, spends time with friends, takes classes, never really retires (also), does more good in life than bad, and is very close with her children and their families.

Have a great weekend!!


buffalodickdy said...

Snow- Hoping you'd show up for this one.. I know you well enough now that I could have predicted some of your answers!