Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Update on Totaled Car, And Other Sundry Musings...

Last Friday, the insurance company finally got back to us with the information that the car(son hit drunk that ran red light car) had been offically "totaled". On the phone, I waited for the settlement amount, ready to do battle for more money if it was a dime less than $3000. She starts "Because of the high mileage(104,000) this is the total of the check we are prepared to cut-$5,451.00". The only thing I could utter at that moment was"Okay, that seems fair". That was like replacement value, not trade- in worth, and that was great! We are now looking for a car to replace the destroyed one, and it's not easy right now to choose a good one because of all the snow, and crappy driving conditions. We are giving my son $4000 and are wiping his debt clean($1200) because having to hit someone going 40mph and having 2 airbags go off in your face should be worth "combat pay"!
Speaking of accidents, today I had to drive south to N. Indiana, which was in the middle of a blinger of a storm. Snow, drifting,wind gusts were sending cars and trucks off the road on the Turnpike. Some of them were rollovers, and it was getting worse as the day progressed. South of that was even worse-according to the radio. Stay warm and safe, everyone!


Kayla said...

Sheesh! How awesome to get MORE than expected from an insurance company!

I like the phrase "blinger of a storm" haha
Will use it ASAP
Glad you weren't one of the cars sailing off the turnpike.
Stay safe!

Kayla said...


buffalodickdy said...

Hope you get a cool gift from your honey!(Somehow I think you will!)

pinknest said...

wow, that is great. and how wonderful you decided to pay off everyone's debts. if i had money to hand out that's what i would do.

happy valentine's day! it is a sleety mess here.

Finn said...

Stay safe, darlin', and have a happy VD!

Excellent about the insurance company.

doggybloggy said...

great news

Snowelf said...

That's great news about the car! Woot! We're luckily just cold here. I haven't washed my car, cause you know I will just jinx that.

Happy V-day to you and the Mrs!! :)


DutchBitch said...

Wow! That's great... and so rare... Hope you find a great new car!

Lynda said...

I didn't leave the house until today. LOL And it was worse north of Indianapolis.

They kept saying the Blizzard of 2007, but I always thought a blizzard was pure white, and when you opened your blinds, it would be up to the windows.

I guess I read too much Little House on the Prairie.

buffalodickdy said...

Pink- My son needs reliable transportation, as he wants to quit his current job for a better one. In the wide open Midwest that means a trustworthy car! I might as well help him out now rather than later!
Finn- Thanks! I broiled some Mahi-Mahi(Ginger-lemon glazed)and scored some corn on the cob(Probably grown in Central America!). An amazing meal, considering the Arctic scene out the window!
DogB- Wait til home made light sabers are replaced with still-your-kid adult expenses! Start saving now!
Snow-I had my windshield fluid run out while the soup on the highway (salt was kicking in!)was making a film on my windshield.Going into
the sun,I was blinded! Thank God I was by a exit ramp, and got fluid ASAP!
DutchBabe- It's really hard to access the appearance of a car when there is 2 feet of snow on it! Many cars for sale over here-as always!
Lynda-Indy ain't used to that much snow! Hopefully, It won't stick too long. By the way, I have had to access your web site through other bloggers. When I try to go direct off your posting on mine, it says yours is private. Help?

Lynda said...

Should work now. Let me know if it doesn't. :)

Malnurtured Snay said...

Gah! Glad your son is okay, and I hope the driver who hit him gets a few years in the pokey to learn his effing lesson.

Happy Belated Venereal Day!