Friday, February 02, 2007

A Good Night To Stay Home Alone

It's Friday night, my wife and one her girlfriends went off to see the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta "Pirates of Penzance" starring my sons' girlfriend! In other words, I wormed out of it.After working all week in serious winter weather my idea of a good Friday night is holing up where it's warm and relaxing. I made dinner for my wife before she left to ease my guilt. When she gets home, she will find I made a serious-from-scratch lemon pound cake, which came out really well! I have to start following recipes more closely when I bake-it works! Everything else in cooking seems alot more forgiving. The insurance people haven't even inspected my totaled car yet, as the weather around here apparently caused alot of insurance claims. Borderline annoying...
Super Bowl must come soon! The hype is getting more irritating with every hour that passes. I mean, when they have air time hyping the damn commercials-enough!
Hope it's warmer where you are, our West Michigan forecast for Sat. is "Blizzard-like conditions". Wouldn't that make it like a-what do they call it? Blizzard?


Snowelf said...'s awful! We had -22 windchills yesterday. Yuck. Is it summer yet? Hope you enjoyed your night in.


buffalodickdy said...

This is the worst weather W.Mich. has seen in 10 years. TV is already calling it "The Blizzard of 07". Today(Sat.)we went out to get gas for the snowblower and do a little grocery shopping-Wrong! Got the gas, but visibility was nil, and it was so cold the salt wasn't melting the snow(icy at all intersections). Tomorrow is supposed to be as bad!

doggybloggy said...

BD you got it made. and I am with you on the is chemistry all the way. Cold is cold this is one of the more frigid winters in a while. update on my sausage experience..perfect...but here's the kicker..(before testing the first batch)I made more and this time I ground the meat finer and used more salt...big mistake..I think it is going to be hard to dry and too salty...we shall see.

buffalodickdy said...

Doggy-When I first started making sausage, the hardest lesson I had to learn was-more fat! I could not believe how much fat you had to use to get a moist,tasty product. The batch you made might be better than you think.

doggybloggy said...

Fat is not the problem. I tend to oversalt.

kate said...

Its gonna be 70 here today I hope... yesterday was about 63 and overcast. yuck! lmao... ok its all relative! I dont take it for granted yet as I have only been living here for5 months! I am from Philly

Gosh the cake sounded good. I think my spouse and I would have unded up doing different things as you did... and he wouldnt have made dinner. He is not a cook... and id think there would have been any guilt on either part. Not a bad thing, just where we have progressed in 18 years I guess.

Lynda said...

In Indianapolis, we were suppose to get 3-5 inches last night, and we got nada. Wind chill really dried out my hands though, and I wore the wrong coat yesterday.

I heard someone talk about the blizzard of '07 at work a bit ago. Wasn't the last one in the 70's?

Oh, and I want some of that cake!! LOL