Monday, February 05, 2007

The Blizzard of '07 Keeps Blizzing Along...

It was -6F this morning, with a wind chill of -18F ! There's about 10"-12" of snow on the ground where they haven't pushed it around yet. Where they have pushed it around, the mounds are 6' high(residental) and 15' high in some parking lots! This isn't just cold, this is stupid cold! At these temps, salt really doesn't melt anything. I checked with the insurance co. on my car that was in an accident last Monday. I said "You must have alot of claims in the past few days". Her reply was "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." I reminded her that we had beaten the rush, and expected an answer soon.
I cooked alot while holed up in the warm house. Sunday, I tried a Korean beef short rib recipe. Nailed the sauce, but the ribs were a little tougher than I expected. Went well with the brown rice,though. Today, it's vegetable beef soup, with home made bread. We are going to have to shop tonight, which will be fun I'm sure! To the warm weather bloggers-count your blessings, to the cold weather group-stay warm, and be careful outside!


doggybloggy said...

bitter here in NYC too.....the ribs sounded good

Kayla said...

I've seen the news stories about all of the snow you're having there.
Just amazing.
When I lived in OK, we had max 6inches of snow..but recently they received over 10inches if I remember correctly.

I'll take a little of that veggie beef soup

buffalodickdy said...

Doggy-I marinated the ribs overnight, and baked at 280F for three hours,covered(steamed)and they were still chewier than I would have liked. The sauce(soy,hoisin,brown sugar,onion,garlic,sesame oil,rice pepper)was really on the money!
Kayla-Hot soup on a cold day works!

Finn said...

When are you coming down to Florida to cook for me?

Lynda said...

My husband will eat any meat, even tough meat, but that's when I go vegetarian.

It is only slightly warmer where I am at. I think we were at 9 with a wind chill of 7. It is the kind of day I wished I stayed home!!

pinknest said...

i'm sure that sauce was good, it sounds awesome!

it's pretty cold here, too, but not nearly as bad as you have it. i think i need a hot water bottle.

doggybloggy said...

wow..that should have softened them time mix some papaya in the marinade and it should help with the tenderness,although your sauce sounds great.

buffalodickdy said...

Finn- At these temps in Mich.,the thought of Florida is a nice one!
Lynda- They weren't exactly tough, but with cooking method used, I was a little suprised they didn't fall off the bone!
Doggy- The vinegar is a powerful tenderizer, I guess I did not use enough!
Pink-I saved some sauce for some boneless pork rib meat I plan to cook Friday!

S* said...

It's been horribly cold in NYC. I hate the cold. I want to be scantily clad strolling through the park with my lover. :(

Sornie said...

Oh yea, well back when I was young... (Dammit, the old geezer got out again, sorry)

Snowelf said...

You guys win because of the snow, but our temps are pretty similar! Brr!!! It's just awful!

Keep warm!

Snowelf said...

You guys win because of the snow, but our temps are pretty similar! Brr!!! It's just awful!

Keep warm!