Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sunday Dinner Made Ahead (Thank God!)

This morning, I had a spare 2 hrs, so I figured it would be a good time to make a traditional lasagne ahead for Sunday dinner. Ground sirloin,Italian sausage-all seasoned and browned with diced onions and garlic. In another pot, the tomato base sauce was mixed & simmered(tomato sauce,red wine vinegar,garlic,salt,pepper,red pepper flakes,brown sugar,basil,oregano, onion diced,fennel seeds,marjoram and olive oil. Drained the meat mixture, combined w/sauce to simmer another 40minutes. Mixed Ricotta cheese with 2 eggs and grated Parmesean cheese. Had my Mozzerella,Provolone,Romano/Parmasean(shredded)mixture ready for layering. Noodles boiled 8 min. and cold shocked with water. Assembled Meat sauce base layer, noodles, Ricotta mixture, shredded cheese,meat sauce, other cheeses. Repeated for total of three layers of noodles. Tomorrow, all I'll have to do is take out of fridge 1 hr before cooking, cook 1 hr(1st half of time covered, last half,uncovered) at about 330F . Let sit for 10min. or so before cutting. Ta Da! Italian bread heated in oven for a come-along, and a white chocolate cheesecake for dessert. I hope the weather breaks soon, or I'm gonna weigh 400lbs.! Can anyone out there make a lasagne that weighs less than 8 lbs? Me either!


Snowelf said...

Uncle buff...that sounds MUCH better than a bacon wrapped hotdog! LOL!


Kayla said...

What a coincidence..
I decided to make lasagne for my sweetie on Valentine's day. I can't find my recipe, and have been trying to remember everything I put in it.
This helps! I can envision the ingredients now! haha
You use Ricotta, not cottage cheese?
I have used both in the past, but think Ricotta is better.

8 lbs, eh? Wow!

buffalodickdy said...

Snow- It came out great, but anyone who comes over, goes home with lasagne!
Kayla-Ricotta is a little drier than cottage cheese, and works better for me with my sauce. 1-3/4lb meat,3-1/4lbs cheese,1-1/4lb sauce,1lb cooked noodles-OK more like 7-1/4lbs!

pinknest said...

mmmm...cheesy, meaty...pasta-y. i want some!!

spare two hours? are you on a rigorous schedule??

doggybloggy said...

sounds great but what happened to the homemade pasta...just kidding

Sornie said...

That dish sounds darn tasty, so much so that I am now hungry again and I just ate about an hour ago.

Tanya Kristine said...

weighs 8 pounds and makes one gain 8 pounds.

i love pasta that sits overnight. it's an amazing transformation...

buffalodickdy said...

Pink- Actually it gave me an excuse not to go out into the winter hell I live in!
DogB-I don't have the pasta maker attachment to my Kitchen Aid mixer yet!
Sornie-It takes about three days to digest this stuff!
Tanya K- Just about everybody agrees cold blending a sauce overnight improves the flavor!

Lynda said...

If you make that for Sunday, what do you eat on Saturday?

Lynda said...

If you make that for Sunday, what do you eat on Saturday?