Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dining Experiences In Las Vegas

We didn't make hitting a fantastic restaurant every meal a priority, but did manage a few memorable dining experiences! High end dining is available all over Vegas, but we ended up incorporating convenience with good eats.
Top Of The World- 900ft in the sky, the view is unequaled! The restaurant rotates, so you have a 360 degree view of Las Vegas. I mentioned in another post about what I had(Kobe beef carpaccio, chunks of Parmesean, capers, designer leaves of some lettuce, with olive oil/spice dressing drizzled on it.) I also had an award winning lobster bisque which was great!
My wife ordered the pork chop, which had an apple/apricot chutney and had the best pork aroma you could imagine. The couple we were with both ordered prime rib which was tender, and done to their liking(Typical prime rib....). The service and "feel" of the place was excellent. The place was not overly busy, as most would go here for dinner-not lunch.
The Villiage Seafood Buffet at the Rio- Rated 3rd best buffet in Vegas, don't go unless you are hungry! The seafood is fresh and as well prepared as a buffet could provide. Crab legs, cold water lobster, shrimp any way imaginable, clams, mussels, scallops, etc. If you didn't like seafood and went here, you'd be an idiot(at $35 ea.) but there is duck, prime rib and other non swimming eats too. Salads, bread, soups, desserts, no one could go away hungry! I am not a buffet person. I really can't hold enough food eaten in one sitting to make it pay. I also tend to eat more than is comfortable(as it all looks soooo good!).
Fellini's- We had a couple of hours before heading to the airport, so we caught a meal that was convenient. A smaller place than some out there, with a great wait staff. We started with appetizers; good bread slathered in a cheesy, garlicky spread and a stuffed portobella mushroom. The mushroom was covered with a crabmeat sauce, then covered with melted fresh mozzarella and carmelized onions. Damn good! Entrees were-Chicken Marsala(me!) I love this dish, but the sauce varies wherever you go. Not too sweet,but a little thin for me. My buddy had Chicken Parmigiana, and loved it. Ladies both ordered Shrimp Alfredo. Sauce looked a little thin to me, but they had no complaints. Now that we all have serious garlic breath-Let's get on the plane!
Wait! We have to have a nightcap at the bar atop the Stratosphere! This is an experience at night. One tier above the restaurant, you can see every light turned on in Las Vegas! Took some pictures that did not turn out, oh well... By the way, if you do this don't try to get loaded up there-drinks are about $10 a piece and you still better leave a tip!


pinknest said...

what!? i cannot believe you didn't make it a priority. :( but at least it sounds like you ate a ton. hahaha. and managed to go to a buffet!

doggybloggy said...

hey what happens in vegas stays in vegas you are breaking the credo...sounds like fun though

Lynda said...

Your $35 a plate meal sounds like when my uncle was staying at a hotel in Tahoe. We were there for my cousin's wedding, and he was joking that the bill would be $300. Well, the bill came, and it was over $300. He thought he got a discount as a guest, but it didn't happen. I think it was $40 each.

Good thing we ate our lobster tails. LOL.