Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chili Dogs- Natures' Perfect Food...

If left to my own devices, I would have a chili dog at least once a week, for the rest of my life! Finding a good chili dog is a hellofalot harder than eating one,though. A few random tidbits- Detroit has more chil dog stands than anywhere else in the USA, why I don't know. On the other side of the state where I live(thank God!) finding a good chili dog is hard. Muskegon has a chain called G & L (home of the Greek chili dog) and I couldn't wait to try one! One, the only Greek thing about it is the family that owns it. The dog was a hot dog with every thing, with dry ground beef sprinkled on top. It was as bad as it sounds. In Grand Rapids, Yesterdog is popular. It is in an eclectic neighborhood, you stand in line and order cafeteria style and then go sit in a hard booth and open your surprise. Surprise! A pretty ordinary hot dog that you paid too much for and waited too long for. In Rockford we have the Corner Bar. This is the place where if you eat a dozen or more you get your name on the wall. These are 8 to a lb. food service hot dogs with runny, tasteless chili sauce in a steamed bun. All reputation, no quality. There are more, but you get my drift. When you are Buffalo Dick, you get righteously pissed and invent your own chili dog sauce! This is what I think a chili dog sauce should taste like:
1lb ground beef (chuck or round)
1 12oz can of tomato sauce
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 " " garlic powder
2 " " chili powder
2 " " salt (or to taste)
1 " " brown sugar
1 teaspoon black pepper ground
1 " " ground cumin
1 oz. prepared yellow mustard
1 oz. catsup
1 oz. white vinegar
1 finely minced hot dog (your favorite brand)

Put all ingredients into pot (do NOT brown the meat first!)excluding the cumin.
Bring to boil, then simmer for 20+ minutes until thickened
Add cumin, turn off heat.
Chill overnite. Can be frozen for future use also.
My perfect chili dog would have 1/4lb beef hot dog, Buffalo Dicks' chili dog sauce,dill pickle sliced,melted cheese, and a light stripe of mustard. Everybody- Tell me what you like on YOUR chili dog?


Michelle Ann said...

When I was a little girl, my mom forced me to go to "charm school" that was held in the Sears Department Store in the mall. It was like walking the plank every week, but she had to bribe me in order to get me to go. I was always the first girl to bolt out the door and head straight for the food court and my beloved chili dog and fries. I don't think that chili dogs were what all the refinied young girls were eating....but I was!!!

buffalodickdy said...

What could be more charming than a girl wolfin' down chili dogs? Sounds like the lessons took hold!

doggybloggy said...

tree comes down first weekend after new years..if not before..

doggybloggy said...

oh chilli dogs...gods gift to chilli

pinknest said...

chili dogs are one of my all-time favorite foods!! that's what i would eat after a night-out. it's perfect at 3am. especially with cheese. mmmm. booze and chili dogs. it is perfection, i say!!!

doggybloggy said...

there used to be a vendor on 33rd and 5th that had chili cheese dogs..but no more.

Snowelf said...

Chili Dogs are just sinfully delicious... I can't even remember the last time I had one. I used to get one at the StL Zoo (of all places) every time we went. Delicious!

Do you think your recipe would work without the ground beef if I just put some beans in? (I'm not a vegetarian, but I loathe ground beef) I usually eat chili from a can and we all know the overall quality of that stuff.


DutchBitch said...

OK... that sounds NASTY, a chili dog... I'm glad we don't have those...

buffalodickdy said...

Snow- I imagine you could substitute some refried beans, but I would disclaim all knowledge and responsibility of such an act of desecration....
Dutch- You would be hooked after only one. I will allow you to dislike fish, but don't blaspheme the Great American Chili Dog!

Lynda said...

I thought pizza was nature's perfect food.

Crimson said...

That sounds fine in theory, however, I don't eat hot dogs. No way, no how. Jell-O is also on the do not eat list. No, i'm not Jewish or Vegan......I just can't make myself do it!