Monday, May 28, 2007

The Comfort Zone List

Everyone seems to be into lists on the blog lately. I know nothing about "tags", but I ask you to list 5 comfort zones as an answer to this post.
1. My Home-I own it, have lived it for 25+ yrs. I say what I want , do what I want, because it's mine.
2. My career- I have worked in Specialty Metals for over 30 yrs. I meet very few people who know more about this subject than me, and more than a few who have heard I know my stuff!
3. The Northeast , Grand Rapids, MI- My kids represented the 4th generation to live in this part of town, and I know the merchants, clubs, find things without a map, and know alot of people here. Rare day I don't run into someone I went to school with, bowled with, etc.
4. Western Michigan- After 30+years on the road, I know where the best meat markets, bars, restaurants, etc. all located. Fun when you want a day trip!.
5. Earth- What a neat place to live! I have always felt a bond with people from wherever, if we just get a chance to communicate.
I know this is a little heavier than usual, but think- and post your answers, please!


Jen said...

Lets see, my 5 comfort zones...

1- My family - No matter how bad things get in life, when I'm surrounded by my family I feel everything will be ok.

2- Food - I can always count of ice cream, brownies, or chocolate chip cookies to cheer me up.

3- My friends - I have a few very close friends that totally rock and serve as my rocks. Talking to them always helps me sorts things out and be able to see a different perspective on things.

4- Nature - be it the beach, the mountain or a city park, being surrounded by nature always makes me smile and realize I am part of something way bigger than myself.

5- God - Remembering that the reason I am here is to better my self spiritually grounds me, and talking to God always has that much needed effect.

Thanks for making me think of this... I sometimes forget about the true treasures I have in my life.

buffalodickdy said...

Good stuff Jen! Thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

I like this one!

my comfort zones:
1. with my kids..always
2. I might as well say my husband, in case he reads this! ;)
3. the beach for sure. I want to die on the sand and be swept away with the high tide.
4. in the tub, with a stack of new magazines, preferrably with Brad and Angelina on the cover.
5. with My Saviour

doggybloggy said...

lets see where the dogg finds comfort?:
1: Under the billowy softeness of my dowen comforter
2: Anywhere with my boy.
3: Any shoreline
4: Any mountain
5: Specialty Food Shops.

Tanya Kristine said...

i like this too.

1. San Francisco - some day i'll move there.

2. in a way fun bar around 2pm on a saturday afternoon.

3. With my dog

4. In front of the tv (bummer but true)

5. any day off from work.

now im ready to go home.

buffalodickdy said...

You guys are making me realize we all have more than 5 comfort zones!

Urban Vegan said...

Cool post. My comfort zones: my husband [I mean this in the best possible way], the written word, animals, my kitchen, being in motion.

Mike M said...

I love this blog! I will be back for more -0-0-

snowelf said...

Man, I have been meaning to do this!
Okay, here goes:

1) With friends. I don't care where I am, I can have fun\feel safe anywhere when my friends are with me.

2) On a walk with my chili's. I love adventure and we make a scavenger hunt list and then head out. Sometimes it's just a walk, and other times, it ends with a picnic at the park.

3) Snuggling with someone in bed. Not that I've done this very often lately, but it's my favorite.

4) Eating something delicious and watching one of my favorite shows in my jammies. I know, bad, bad Snowelf for eating in front of the TV, but since I usually don't, it's a treat. It works especially well with ice cream.

5. On the phone with my guybestfriend. (Since we don;t live near each other) He knows me so well I can totally be myself with him without it being "weird" and he always knows what to say in any situation.

--snow :)

Lynda said...

1. In the arms of my husband, the #1 place I like to be.

2. With my family

3. On the couch with my dog and cats (Is that two?)

4. In my dreams, in bed, sleeping (unless it is a nightmare)

5. Escaping into a book.

Mike M said...

My comfort zones (after this weekend)
1) The office

2) The van ride into the office

3) The van ride home

4) Anywhere far away from the lazy mosquitoes.

5)Under the bed where no one will find me and make we work in the yard close to the lazy mosquitoes.

buffalodickdy said...

To All- What a mixed bag of answers! Just what I was hoping for!