Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happiness In Life Is In Anticipation...

Alot of the fun and excitment you may feel in your life is looking forward to something you either think or know is fun! A round of golf, a trip, a visit with friends, etc. I'm going to list 5 simple things I look forward to, and I'd like you all to do the same!
1. Cooking a meal for good friends or relatives.
2. Day trips dreamed up on short notice.
3. A phone call from either of my sons.
4. Hearing good news about anyone I care about.
5. Learning something interesting I didn't know alot about before.
A little excercise like this makes us all realize alot of happiness can be easily obtained!


doggybloggy said...


I look forward to every night and in turn look forward to every morn.

I wait with anticipation for the changing seasons


The roll over of seasonal foods

people to update their blogs

telling my boy I love him and waiting for him to say "me too"

Mike M said...
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Mike M said...

OK, so why haven't you posted your Friday Funbags Award on you site yet???

That would make ME happy!

buffalodickdy said...

Mike- Simply put- I don't know how!

Beth said...

1. I look forward to the change of seasons.

2. a call from My Girl

3. school starting!!! ;)

4. I'm with Dog...people to update their blogs!

5. the rare occasion I actually have sex!

snowelf said...

OOO!!! Thank you Uncle Buff! I have been at a loss for something to blog about today and this is a perfect contrast to yesterday's post because it reflects where I am now. :)

Love, love your list!!


Jen said...

What I look forward these days:

1.- Manis and pedis.

2.- Eating ice cream while blogging.

3.- My morning walk along the East River with my iPod.

4.- Seeing C again.

5.- Reading Persuasion in bed, which has me totally hooked!

meredic said...

I like a beer on a sunny evening in my garden.
A call from (or to) my sisters.
A starry night.
Cooking for others, yes to that.
Trips yep.

Paul Champagne said...

My favorite:

Just sitting on the porch swing with the wifey and talking ... at least till it's time for the game.

HAR said...

1. Teaching my children something new and exciting.

2. Reading the paper on my deck in the early morning.

3.I agree with #3- day trips dreamed up on short notice.

4. An early morning walk with my dog.

5. Special visits with friends.

Akelamalu said...

I can go with all yours!

Stephanie said...

Anticipation is half the fun, honestly. Nothing like being at work Friday afternoon, knowing you have an evening of fun planned...or a weekend trip!

urban vegan said...

Great post. Makes you realize how much time we spend fretting over the past and worrying about the future, instead of looking forward to it.

Lynda said...

1. Cooler weather
2. Time with my husband
3. Seeing my nephew and the folks
4. Reading a good book
5. The weekend