Wednesday, July 11, 2007

State BBQ Contest This Week-End! Our Entrees...

Potatoes- Our team is a 2 time blue ribbon in this catagory. Chili Dan(one of the Buffalo Bros.) is the lead singer of this tune! A hollowed out redskin potato, stuffed with Procuitto, sharp cheese, onion, and buttered spices-baked to perfection!
Veggie- 1 time blue ribbon! This year three trimmed pieces of asparagus sauteed in bacon grease til crisp/done. Then strip of pepper jack laid in, mopped with a pasta sauce, all wrapped in a Polish ham slice to make a bundle. heated 'til cheese slightly melted, then into the judges!
Dessert- Apple/White Chocolate(infused w/Buttershots Schapps)/butterscotch caramel Crisp! Granny Smith apples. of course. Got a third and a fifth place with this before!
Baked Beans- Best we've ever done is 5th, but hope springs eternal!
Meat catagories- Well, I'll explain them later-those are the big money, so I'll tell you what I did later if we place!
Tommorow is shopping, Friday and Sat. the cooking days. Wish us luck, as there are 45+ cooking teams from all over the country-and they mean business too!


Jen said...

OMG! Those all sound too good to be true, no wonder they all got ribbons! Can I come have a taste?

doggybloggy said...

bout' peed myself right off the bat.... then I slowed down after appreciating all the "enthusiasm" and I said S^ long does it take to drive from NY to you starting when? I would love to go to this "thing" this weekend.

snowelf said...

Holy Yummy!! So much luck and good weather!!

I was thinking the same thing as Doggybloggy--but I'm sure I'm at least a little bit closer! :)


Finn said...

Am I drooling all over my keyboard. Cut that out!

And good luck!

buffalodickdy said...

Jen- These contests remind me of "Top Chef"- Time constraints, picky judges, and last minute changes due to unforeseen events! You're welcome here anytime!
DogB- If you go thru Canada, coming back into States thru Sarnia....It's still a poke! Check on Internet thru "KCBS" on a sanctioned event in your area!
SnowNiece-Someday you must take the car ferry from Manitowac to Ludington! Go in the day run-we went across in the night once, so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of your face!
Finn- Imagine 40 teams, 8 catagories, and no bad food in sight!

pinknest said...

wow, this sounds so mouthwatering and fat packing delicious!!! best of luck!

Lynda said...

Sounds delicious! Can I be a judge?

Sornie said...

Do share. I have become a novice smoker as of late and am curious how you are preparing the meat.

Beth said...

ok, box up one of those potatoes and send it to me pronto...I have some pull with the judges, see, and I think I would really need to test this one out before you go to theis "thingie"...I wouldn't want you to be embarrassed or anything, ya know? hey, it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

Keshi said...

wow how nice!


meredic said...

Barbeques seem to be at a whole other level where you are. Once again a facinating insight to another world. I reckon I might try a few of those out on the weekend. The Potatoes don't sound too tricky and I can alomost taste them.
Spare a thought for the forty boy scouts that I will be flipping burgers and sauasages for on Saturday evening.
I wish you, and your team, the very best for the weekend. Good luck!

buffalodickdy said...

Pink- This is one contest you don't win for counting calories!
Lynda- Be prepared to eat more food in two days than you did the previous week!
Sornie-Be happy to, but go out and get Paul Kirks' book "Championship Barbaque" and you will never be sorry!
Beth- We always make extra, but it never makes it home!
Keshi- Welcome to the blog! Took a quick peek at your blog and will be back!
Meredic- Thanks! I did my share of cooking for the scouts when my boys were in-Good Luck to you!

kate said...

sounds like great fun! I bet you guys have a ball coming up with these things. I am surprised that you enter the same ones over and over (different contests I guess?) Baked beans is a tough one because there arent too many ways to change it and add your spin onto the old classic without them not tasting like the real thing. At least in my opinion!

Very cool! Good luck! and take the pepsid!

doggybloggy said...

go through canada...HUH?? is that a "shortcut" let me get this straight...leave the US only to re enter the US...okey dokey

DutchBitch said...

Need anyone to finish all of that for you? I will happily volunteer!

MONA said...

the dessert sounds YUM! always!