Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tee Shirts-We Pay To Advertise ForThem!

Just for grins sometime, count the tee shirts you have gathered over the years. Dozens, I bet! It was either funny, or a momento from a trip, or someone gave it to you when they went somewhere. Regardless, this has to be a huge industry based on our need as humans to show everyone WE ARE INDIVIDUALS with opinions on obscure subjects. I have been responsible for a semi obscene one that states; "Buffalo Dick Makes Good Chili" illustrated with a scared cartoon buffalo standing on his hind hooves, covering his groin with his front hooves.(I cook in chili cookoffs, my name is Richard, and we use buffalo in the recipe. Get it?). Over 400 of them out there as far away as Japan.
Wear a nutty tee shirt soon to somewhere- it's a great conversation starter!


Lynda said...

I have a computer t-shirt that says "Play God" which always gets someone's attention. I am sure it has offended people too, being in a bible belt state.

It is for a computer video card, I believe.

Lynda said...

Oh, but we got it free. Free advertising for them. For your shirt, I would be willing to pay.

buffalodickdy said...

lynda- Rattling the cages of life is a good thing! I'm fond of saying "I was sent here by God to annoy people" and no one has ever disagreed that I am on the first string!

Lynda said...

It is one of my favorites, depsite what people say. ;)